[RESOLVED] Daily purchase did not reset

Android 11, build RQ3A.210705.001 on Google Pixel 5

Daily purchase cycle resets at 1800 Eastern Time. Mine did not reset. Additionally and likely related, each time I log in the “time until reset” changes by -1 hours.
I expected to cook dinner and eat then come back to find my purchases reset and my event/Dungeon counters reset.
Nothing is reset. All are still expended by use.

When I left the game prior to reset I did not forcefully close the game.

This is the first time to occur. I’ve paid for the monthly pass and it’s been less than 2 weeks. This needs to be corrected.
I don’t mind doing BETA testing, but you’re not going to steal from me on top of that.

This occurred at 1945ish Eastern Time.
After making this entry, time it now 1950 Eastern Time and the timer indicates 10min to reset.
This is a really terrible/annoying bug.

OMG it still did not reset!
Also, your message board platform will not let me upload screenshots.


I’ve been trying to reproduce what you are experiencing myself and I believe I may have. But let me know if what you experienced is different.

One of my reset heading listed resetting in <6 mins and upon my return it went from Resetting Soon to back up to 24 hours.

Once I went into another tab, I was booted to restart the game (or when I force closed and reopened) the reset was still 24 hours but the options had reopened up.

Initially you mentioned you had not force closed the game, had you since? And if so, did it resolved the reset issue?

After the initial time I noticed the error I swiped to close. Restarted and had the different time I mentioned.
Then I went to the Android APP menu and “Force close” the app. Upon restart it still indicated incorrectly but the time was different again.
It only cleared the issue when I stayed logged off for 30 minutes or so (i wasn’t timing, or experimenting, I just watched an episode of a show then tried again).
Then it was finally fixed.
It has not recurred for me.
I have good internet connectivity but I feel like the server wasnt updating my status with fresh data, if that’s possible.

Should you see this happen again, definitely reach out.

I’ll tentatively mark this thread as resolved.
But as mentioned, we can open it back up if it occurs again!