Revisiting the map changes

With the introduction of season 2.4 there was a new map movement added to the chapter playthrough. With this change came many spots that need to be clicked that were not there in previous chapters. This new map method is horrible. Playing the season through the chapters is exceedingly frustrating clicking so many times just to get from one fight to the next. I could understand doing this the first time through but having to play it through even the three times (normal, hard, elite) it just gets worse every time. When this goes to archives, even though I like the enemies and battles, I will likely never play these chapters again because they are so annoying to progress through.

Here is the list of events between two fights. This is the long version that happens every other battle.

  1. Fight (the fun part)
  2. Loading loot…
  3. Click salvage, save, or loot (I chose open with key)
  4. FLASH OF WHITE HOT LIGHT!.. also known as the loot animation
  5. Click Continue many times, or click Skip and then also still need to click Continue… (shouldn’t skip also close the whole process?)
  6. Loading map…
  7. Click Reward (on map)
  8. Click Collect (popup)
  9. Map moves, zooms in
  10. Tap to continue
  11. Map moves, zooms out
  12. Click Talk (map version)
  13. Click Talk (popup version)
  14. Loading conversation…
  15. Click Skip or read/wait
  16. Loading Map…
  17. Click Battle
  18. Click Prepare
  19. Loading battle selection screen…
  20. Click Battle
  21. Fight (the fun part)

That is 12 clicks with 8 distinct pauses or loads during the process to get from one fight to the next. The map progress navigation takes twice as long as the actual fights. Please save our hands this unnecessary trauma and eliminate as many of these steps as possible. The old maps were fine.


100% agree. It’s sort of fine the first time as you go on the season journey but still too long especially as the opponents are so fast to dispatch. The subsequent playthroughs for hard and elite you spend more time navigating the menu screens than doing battles. Combining/skipping some of the screens or preloading some screens in the background so there is no loading times would be nice at least.

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I posted previously about “too many clicks” and agree with your post totally. Ease of navigation and/or actions are super unintuitive and should flow far easier in game.

The problem is they do not let us test what they design.
Jeto maybe tests it … but I doubt that she really has enough time to play the game as we do.
Thats imo a major fault Dev does regarding how they do their work.
Besides some others, but this leads to much more anger and frustration among the players then necessary.
Steam offers the possibility to Devs to make Alpha or Beta builds and let the interessted players play them before they go life for everybody. You even can switch them on and off, so no prob to give interested players well build accounts to do that e.g. just for a week or 2.
Many Devs make use of that possibilty, cause its an easy way to get a lot of Betatesters for free.

Regarding the clickorgies, I 100% agree with OuttaTime (the threadopener), its just annoying.
Pls rework.
Even so imo there are bigger and more annoying problems in gamedesign regarding killing fun, this is one that deserves some priority.
I will write a post elsewhere this weekend adressing the other ones.
Just have to find a little bit of time …

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I actually gave feedback on this exact thing (amount of clicks) recently, from my own experience playing through the Season.