RGAs - Randomly Generated Adventures?

Since you like to work with random modifiers so much … how about randomly generated adventures in the future? - But please only when no serious bugs like dead ends or non-functioning merchants are fixed.

It would be nice to spoil the community with 2-3 adventures per week, it would not even have to be told stories to it, since most “only” want to play (besides, one could not think up so many side stories within a week and implement them).

A new automated game mode would do Puzzlequest 3 good, since we had to do without e.g. infinity tower or resource collection quests for the useless minions so far.

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Well, yes and no.

Yes, in that some kind of content to do is going to be a plus. Randomly generated contently is the lowest possible quality tier of content, but it’s at least something and that’s better than nothing. Because nothing (left to do) means autoplaying battles for XP farming if not just logging off from the game, which is its own problem for its own thread.

No, because with randomly generated adventures comes randomly generated rewards. And with that comes low odds of merchants rolling anything decent on their shop tables (just like everywhere else in the game). Which means that the vast majority of these randomly generated adventures are going to be viewed as “worthless”. And if they are deemed that, what’s the difference between that and just autoplaying battles for XP?

Endgame players do not necessarily need an automated game mode. What we need is an actual endgame itself. Right now, after a year and three-quarters, there is still no real content that mandates the need for Mythic gear. KD dragons do not count as endgame content because they are really just a 7th Daily Challenge in RNG form with a guild requirement and a dragon skin tacked on.

As of 1.4.5, Adventure Mode does not fit this bill either. So far, outside of a couple hundred gems per Adventure completion, Ultimate difficulty pays out and offers the player the same offers and rewards as the lowest difficulty. So while Adventure Mode is still a known work in process, its not shaping up currently to be endgame content either.

We need content that says I need to farm X things that can only drop from level 90+ dungeons to improve our characters further. We need reasons to actually run co-op for more than 5 battles per month for the Quest Pass. And so on.

Because if the main incentivized gameplay goal of the game is still to do XP runs on Auto for Citadel levels (which means I’m really doing something else than playing the game actively), that’s a very major design issue that needs to be resolved.


I personally really think random missions and such can be done really well.

But with the way this game is setup I don’t think they have the backend setup to do it well yet.

If you wanted it to be meaningful you would probably need to add some form of random story generation. Which isn’t super hard to do. But it does take significant time to implement. Particularly if you want something better than the quests you see in early diablo and fate games.

I have only been playing for a little though.

When done well random generation can be good tier content.

But, this game seems more handcrafted in piecemeal parts.