[SCREENSHOTS PLEASE] Daily Event Dungeon Bug

I think that might be it. Or at least a similarity. So use to the 29 min timer on other parts that rush rush rush.


Did it nice and slow and no tapping icons a lot. Just took longer but lost no sigils / no errors. I will continue to check each day if this holds true.

@Jeto @OminousGMan Seems to be working since I haven’t button mashed I haven’t had a error in 8 days the one where it makes you get the error and restart screen that makes you lose a token and doesn’t take you back to your battle. I’m not sure why it works that way that mashing makes the error happen but that is the only thing I changed.

***update Had one regular restart game message (and it wasn’t anywhere near the 29 minute nor tapping a lot and was after the asset download / patch. ***

newest 10-9-2021 update now its not 29 min its lost connection to server and lose a Token in middle of battle that is nowhere near 29 mins and the usual error from above post.

10-11-2021 no errors on daily siege or dungeon siege today.
10-12-2021 no errors on daily siege or dungeon siege today.
10-13-2021 no errors on daily siege or dungeon siege today.
10-14-2021 no errors on daily siege or dungeon siege today.
10-15-2021 no errors on daily siege or dungeon siege today. Only a soft crash that let me back to the siege dungeon.
10-16-2021 one token lost to inactivity error and nowhere near the 30 mins. ( I use a timer for all daily siege, dungeon sieges , dungeons and challenges that are high level.)

I have been unable to join today’s even dungeon at all

I am experiencing the exact same error, repeatedly. Have rebooted game, checked for an update, rebooted phone, checked for an update, checked for an update, then checked for an update. After that, I uninstalled the game, and redownloaded the entire thing. Then I checked for an update. Then I made a burrito. Then I checked for an update. I ate the burrito. Then checked for an update.

Still can’t play this dungeon today, which is totally weird, and must be because there’s an update coming. Right?


(then I checked for an update)

Should have been a Taco :taco: :taco: :taco:

Hey @Exi & @Madnezz119

I’ve shared this with the team, as I was also getting this on my own account.

Once I have some more information, I’ll update this post.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

UPDATE! Event Dungeons are now live again. Appreciate everyone’s patience.


Back to tracking again just to keep on the up and up. -:cookie:

10-18-2021 Had one restart that said server connection and 1st time it went back to battle ever in a dungeon siege from that (only soft crash it ever did before for me)

10-19-2021 no issues.