Season Feedback Surveys Megathread!

Hello everyone!

This is a thread where we will be sharing a link to a Seasonal Survey, where @Ozball & the team will be collecting your feedback about the current/past Season.

This thread will remain locked as devs will be sharing a link to the Season survey only, this is not a thread to share feedback.


I have feedback already and it’s day 2 of the Season live, what do I do with this?

Please don’t hesitate to still make feedback threads or comments within the patch notes, CX gathers all this information and passes it onto the dev team either way.

Alternatively, if you can contain your excitement, make a note somewhere for yourself and then jump into the survey as soon as it is live!

I didn’t really play the Season but I have a lot of thoughts on this Adventure.

Please do not go through the Season-specific survey if you have not at least played through some or most of the Season story.

Will save a lot of time going through all the feedback submitted for the Season if we aren’t also needing to filter out non-Season content.

As always, please still create and comment on feedback threads or within each that updates patch notes thread.

CX will continue to grab those, this survey is not replacing any processes for player feedback.

The new Season is about to start/has started, where is the survey?

If a survey has yet to go out before the next one begins, trust it is likely on the way but we have been caught up with some more pressing issues (such as bug fixes). Please do not tag/spam asking where it is.

We have our own reminders set and ready! So if it hasn’t gone out, we haven’t forgotten, it’s just been delayed.

“There was a lot of issues in X.X Season…”

Please don’t use this survey as a place to comment/complain on bugs that occurred during this Season.

If a bug is the reason you avoided a specific item of gear or purchase, then this is handy to know!

We are also aware of their impact on gameplay and what blockers they cause. But we understand how frustrating bugs can be, especially when they impact a limited event!

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, it is completely your choice if you would like to share your name code. Should you decide to include it, we may just want to check things such as your Gear loadout when reading your battle feedback to get a better understanding of your experience.

How long will the X.X Season survey be available?

At the moment I am writing this, they will be available for one week, with a reminder comment being added to the thread in the final 24 hours before submissions are closed.
Also, some surveys may be available for longer but at a minimum they will be active for a week.

This may change in future!


Season 2.2 Feedback Survey: September 21st > 6th of October


Just two more days remaining for Season 2.2 Feedback Submissions!


Tomorrow is the final day for Season 2.2 Feedback submissions!
This link will be closed by 4PM AEDT Friday / 5AM UTC Friday / 10PM PST Thursday


Open from November 27th > 8th of December (AEDT)

We will be closing this Survey before the holiday weekend, after leaving it open a little longer for everyone!

Will be sharing the 2.4 Season Feedback Form link tomorrow! Getting it in early as we will be very busy with 2.5 soon.

Tell us about your journey across The Poisoned Sea!

Thanks for your feedback!