Seasonal sneak peeks

Back in the days … when I was young and beautiful … there was a time gaming companies earned a lot of reputation from their community being … sneaky.

But nowadays it seems far too many GCs are okay with being 1 star rated as long as their beloved community is willing to spend cash. What does this tell us? Money != Reputation

So being a player myself I would ask the community if they would like to see Seasonal Sneak Peeks before a actual running season ends; thinks like grafical drafts or names of spells and / or minions, maybe an finished part of the next gear set or a 3D model from an upcoming enemy?

I am sure that would be a nice treat to get some people discuss about it and gives the devs beloved forums a bit more activity besides all the bug reports.

  • Yes, I would like to see some new stuff before its release!
  • No, I would like to stick to all other stuff instead!
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I want sneak peaks haha
That’s something we would love to share with the Community, but there is also a lot of things we aren’t able to share for various higher up reasons.

But I’ll pass this (again) onto the team, specifically Season teasers :eyes:

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… in the spirit off all the other announcements today, the dev team thought about this thread and

Desktop 2023.07.19 - (1)

Upcoming in 2.3