Shorten bridging times = more fun in the game?!

Honestly? I’ve never played a game with as much idle time as Puzzlequest 3 - and no, “hunts” are simply too boring for me.

Elsewhere I’ve already complained that 5-6 weeks is simply too long for the little bit of content that is offered to the community at large with each season (now with 1.4 it’s 8 weeks+); so my plea for a maximum of 4 weeks hasn’t changed in any way.

If the players have already complained several times that after a certain point there is nothing really exciting to do in the game besides mindless grinding, there should be an internal discussion about alternative timing of “events”.

If, even though I’ve only been playing since April 2021, after reaching the absolute end game I have to get annoyed over and over again day after day that I have to complete 6 daily tasks, 33 PvP battles, 2+16 event battles and a maximum of 5+9 seasonal battles during their activity, it gets tedious at some point.

How could the bridging of the holidays have been better designed, for example? Every stupid Gatcha game comes up with a plethora of ideas around Christmas time, so I really wonder if the team is simply lacking ideas. Here’s a very simple one:

3-4 adventures (internal testings has been done I suppose) on 3-4 days to collect ingredients for a magical Etheria Christmas Candy Cane: Effect on “activation”: +50% experience on all fights for 72 hours - this would surely have done the community a bigger favor than bombarding them daily with “immoral” (purchase) offers. Many players spend most of their time playing in their holidays so this would have been a great opportunity to level up classes and citadel levels (which tooks far too long).