Shouldn't the bazaars reset weekly?

In Mean Machine we seem to have a glut of food. So we all want to trade it in the food deal. We’re at level 7, always, which means we only get 30 deals a day (we go through that in under an hour now). I was under the impression the entire deal was supposed to start over at some point, like weekly, so kingdoms could try to organize large shopping sprees to try to max the deals. This is a possible bug, but maybe just a plea for a feature request.

The bazaar deals should completely restart weekly.

In your scenario, you would still only get 30 purchase opportunities a day, just with lower rewards until the deal reaches max level again (each stage of the bazaar deals I - VII is limited to 30 purchases a day). The issue is not with Bazaar deals not resetting or cycling; it’s the fact that there is currently no use for Food beyond levelling the followers than the Food Deal. Its an issue of too much supply and no other currency sinks for Food.


If the bazaar did reset to Deal I you would end up with even more of a problem than you do now.

All levels of deal have a max of 30 available, but only require 2, 5, 9, … to advance to the next deal. The amount of resources needed also increases with each deal. So if your kingdom can max out 30 deal VII @ 600 food each in under an hour, it would take even fewer players to complete 30 @ 200 food to max out deal I.