Suggestion: Daily reset server strain

Each day as the game resets for a new day the server gets flooded with people logging on trying to play fastest finger first to claim the bazaar deals. Last night it seems to have been worse than usual prompting an in game server warning about the performance. I guess the hamster fell off his wheel.

For 99% of the time performance is fine, but there is that mad dash window for 5-10 mins where the game can be pretty unplayable as it becomes unresponsive. More server capacity would be one answer, but it’s really only for this spike in activity. How to flatten that spike into more of a hump to get players to spread the logins out a bit.

I know a common comment on this is to remove the bazaar limits (primarily on food). This would remove the rush as all players could buy as much as they want, when they want, and avoids the need for that midnight run on the bazaar. But there may be design or balance reasons why those limits are there.

If the limits are here to stay, then how about restricting initial access to it. For the first hour limit all players to only one of each bazaar deal. 30 players per kingdom, 3x30 offers available. If people know they have an hour long window to grab something, there is less requirement to all be on at reset hammering the server and causing problems.

After that hour it returns to the free for all to grab what is left.

Call me a pessimist, but I think this would just kick the can down the road an hour.