Additional Bandwidth / Servers Needed?

This has been said before, but the situation around daily reset is degrading so much that the servers are starting to throw error messages on the player’s home screen,

Actions are taking 30-60 seconds to process and the game is now throwing error messages (timeout issues?). Either the early access server does not have the incoming bandwidth to handle the flood of request around the daily reset, it lacks the processing power to handle these requests in large volume (doubtful), or something in the code somewhere is gumming up the server whenever a large volume of requests come in at once.

EDIT: Posting this as “game feedback” even though there is a server error message, as I am unsure if there are any bugs regarding the situation that generated the error message currently.

EDIT 2: By 30-35 minutes after daily reset, the game appears to be functionally normally again.


This has been getting worse, week to week. Between general lag, hangs and server errors, its not unusual to be playing close to reset… get the reset message (and reset) and then it takes about 6 minutes to get back to a stable (ish) game state. If you successfully get there, instead of getting the endless can’t connect error, its almost possible to collect a few daily deals or mails. Actually playing is not advised. haha

I think the ultimate cause here is the head scratching decision to make guild deals competitive/limited.