Unannounced swift patches?

Are there alot of unannounced patches recently right after daily reset?

I’ve seen a constant flux of disconnects right after the daily reset, like 10-30 min after reset, I would be in a battle, upon completion of a battle (either Arena or Kingdom Defense or event) , I’m stuck in the enemy/opponent dead screen. And then after force quit and reopen application, would be stuck on trying to connect to server. This usually last for 10-15 min until I can log into the game again.

This looks either to be server instability issue right after daily reset or they are doing unannounced patches. Issue is I lost my attempt count at whatever I was doing, either KD or Arena or Event.

Hey @Zzhu321
It appears around the time of your post, we were having an issue with the server.

But if you are noticing this is happening consistently, do you have any more specifics on the other times you have experienced this, dates and times would be best so I can go back through our server logs to check if it’s the same issue or if there is potentially a different connection issue you might be experiencing.

I don’t have exact time or date but within 2 week period I’ve seen this happen 3-4 times around 8:10-8:45 pm EST (or 10 min-45 min after daily reset). That’s why I brought it up, as it is fairly recent occurrence. I’ll reply to this post if it happens again in the near future.

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Cannot connect to server 8:00 AM EST 3/31.

@Zzhu321 can you submit a ticket to Support, so we can go through some troubleshooting?

Your most recent post was not during any server issues