(Side) Quests for Minions?

How did RunDMC once lyricize? … “let the poppers pop, let the breakers break”? But what about the players? Are they really left behind? :thinking:

Since you were so “clever” to integrate minions into the game, which still don’t offer any real added value (neither visually, with the exception of the little Draconus dragons and the unicorn controlling flying alien, nor in terms of their abilities), I plead here and now for minion (side) quests, ideally based on the side quests for followers. If the little creatures have no intrinsic value, please give them at least some meaning :pray:

You don’t even need a new game mode for that, you could easily combine it with the actual interesting adventure mode; each Minion gets its own background story, which you can PLAY as an own adventure after a general introduction adventure about the Minions, gladly accompanied by our all-knowing Eveline :innocent:

Paired with interesting rewards such as the visual selection and own interaction of the respective minion during the fight or other “treats” would certainly be an enrichment for all participants :smirk:

P.S.: And should there be a lack of ideas, you know where to find me :stuck_out_tongue: