[Spoiler(?)] 2.1. Lore thoughts

Meeting Delphi got me thinking - not because I was expecting anything else, I was expecting game-wise something different, but that’s another story :grin:

Our first conversation with him (there will surely be another female creature of his race) was in any case quite sobering, especially because apart from Xione none of our “old” companions, like Eveline or Gemka, took part in it. This is striking in so far as both could have known something about Delphi, possibly did, and did not necessarily want to burden the group with this knowledge […]

Both Eveline and Gemka were all too aware of why they were holding back, because Delphi is, in my humble opinion, an Inquisitor, possibly of the order “Priesthood of the Seeing Eye”. And if this is so, then Delphi is a sage and can not only read thoughts and hear those of others, but also perceive intentions and summon objects.

This would also explain why he knew that the group would return to him after he sent them away, and why he makes such broad hints about what our heroes’ momentary destination / goal is.

And that’s what leads my personal reflections back to what we experienced. We know that the necrotic tomes come from Prince Mordaine, however their purpose is currently veiled. I speculated into the blue with the assumption that these books are able to “bring back” Prince Mordaine into Etheria in some form. If this is true, and they can be used appropriately, they serve as a sort of life insurance policy for the Prince, and he must have known his existence was in jeopardy before the Great Cataclysm.

Could Wraith have been a pawn in this context? After all, he had seized an object that Xione also wanted in her hands. With it, the undead dragon had succeeded in opening the portal of blood and with its help he wanted to destroy the remaining dragons and absorb their power. But what if the creation of this portal was the first step of several needed by Prince Mordaine to become part of Etheria again?

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After diving more deeper into the lore, I would add something to my previously stated speculation:

Prince Mordaine has summoned his own death by summoning the four Horsemen. After his destruction by three of them, the fourth seized his chance to seize Prince Mordaine’s “eyes” - so using the necrotic tomes might not bring Prince Mordaine, of whom virtually nothing remained, to Etheria, but the Horseman who has Mordaine’s “eyes”

Tomorrow … … … Du dun :sweat_smile: