WARNING: 2.5-Ending Spoiler

Seems like Lord Wraith is back, at least in some kind …

Ehh… it’s just to setup that the rest of this last story arc for Season 2 is going to be a greatest hits rehash of all the Season 2.x bosses, which sort of thematically explains the Eldritch God III Set Bonus. At least the echos of previous bosses [so it is canon that the player kills all past Season bosses in order of Season number] look fairly cool with all the particle and lighting effects turned on.

If you dont have the resources for new content, you have to use the old one …

This is the main problem (at least personally for my mind). They have a whole, I repeat a WHOLE, universe right in their front yard to dig through. Therefore I was a bit disappointed it turned out like this because my life experiences with elder gods come from H.P. Lovecraft (Hellboy doesn’t count :sweat_smile:)

When I saw this mindflayer boss in one of the seasons I was “Hey, this could turn out in a very interesting way. Maybe they have figured out to build a storyline bridge between the PQ3/Warlords lore and such things …” But … nah!

I understand sometimes it’s hard work to create a working storyline but I have read about countless things happened in thousands of years in Etheria THIS wasn’t the best choice to pick sigh

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