[Spoiler(?)] 2.2. Lore thoughts

With today’s news about 2.2, I’m a bit surprised that we will dive so deep into the matter of the Trarg; which is not a big deal, though, and for me personally looks like just an interlude before things get really nasty.

The Dark Path itself is actually a movement and first appeared at the beginning of the 18th century according to the High Elven calendar. At least in the beginning, the members belonged exclusively to the K’Selen tribes and were often accused of witchcraft and murder.

From here on it actually gets interesting, but I don’t want to dive that deep to give you still room for your own speculations. Nevertheless, if what is written down is true, the trees and possibly the 4 Horsemen are/were the least of our party’s problems; there are possibly three far more powerful beings, one of which is potentially waiting to be challenged at the end of this “extremely dark path” for us.

Based on their age and power, I would count them among the immortals, though in the case of one of them, by all appearances an undead “hybrid”, this span depends on an event that has probably not yet occurred, thus ensuring its periodic existence.

And with one it concerns a corporeal God, however none, which one would like to meet in the dark still in the light; we may be curious!

@Jeto Is there no way to join you as a story writer without pay?

Du Dun!

From the looks of it, someone on the team with a penchant for Greek mythology probably wanted to have a say in the plot design as well …

However, it is not quite clear to me why the son begotten by Zeus and Lamia and cursed by Aphrodite is presented to us as the final opponent of the "Sea"son hrhr.

Could someone from the team please explain this to me, I don’t understand the connection (unless the Greek gods serve as the beings from the stars here).