Suggestion: an option to remove animations

I believe the grind would have a very different feel if you could actually target the shards you wanted.

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I can confirm that I enjoyed each animation the first 879 times I saw it.


Actually I disagree with this point - I think an analogy would be that with the storage limits - when they increased them, provided a collective sigh of relief from community as bottleneck was addressed, however 1+ month later, we need more storage because we are back at the same bottleneck.

Even with targeting, as they release more heroes (and I assume more gear) there will always be the next thing to grind/farm for, so targeting might feel like it would change the grind, and it might for a short time, but it’s still hundreds and hundreds of battles - for the players that want to do that (and the game appears designed that way).
For those that want it, there should be a way to speed up gameplay.


Yeah. I agree with you on that. I guess I was thinking about the frustration of having a limited amount of time each day to play. Often we have both short term and long term goals in a game. The short term might be to level up a specific gear item. If I can hit 5-10 battles and know that I’m going to get at least something useful in each battle, then it still feels like progress (less frustration) and may also require significantly less time to accomplish the same level of progress… for the short term goal. When you’re looking at the long term goals though, you’re still going to be required to do thousands of battles, which brings us back to the frustration of watching 2-3 minutes of animations for every 1 minute you play.

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I’m on board with GodLikeNay’s opinions. Too much rng to battle through to deal with so many delays in gameplay.

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To follow up, I just uninstalled PQ3.

Which, is nearly blasphemy in my head, because I’ve loved and played so many PQ’s throughout time. But at least I can say I’ve cleared the story, and got a few legendaries before I quit.

It takes too long.

All the examples are posted above, but let’s put it another way. Playing this game ‘properly’ (i.e. doing missions for crests, doing PvP runs, daily skirmish and event dungeon challenges, potentially running some story battles for a character or two…) takes a TON of time. Not just an hour. Multiple hours. That’s kinda ridiculous. I already do a full PvE progression run daily on Marvel Puzzle Quest… takes me a bit under an hour. This PQ3 doubles that. And I know it’s mainly due to animations… I’ve turned those off in MPQ long long ago.

It’s like the developers almost believe that THIS is the ONE game you’re gonna play, and that’s it. Sure, I guess there’s people who wont run it optimally, and maybe they play a couple of different games dabbling here and there. Is that a thing…? Do people do that? Do those players spend money – because that’s what the devs are really after, is cash… and they want you to spend. …is that the end goal… to make the game take long enough to where some players might just throw cash at it to save themselves the time of the grind-n-watch?

I dunno. I can only speculate and form wild theories. :wink: what I DO know is that I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can play a little mobile game during my working hours, and still get my work done. But not if it’s PQ3… because it takes too long to play.

If the animations get removed, I might try it again. I’m a glutton for PQ games; I really am. But I need to stop playing for now, so that my real life responsibilities don’t take a toll due to the time this game requires.

Have fun, everyone! Oh… and the kingdom of Eilsrett has an opening now, if anyone wants. It’s a pretty lax, but almost-always packed kingdom, with good people running it. Tell 'em PiMacleod says hi. :slight_smile:

I would seriously consider spending more cash to get rid of the time sink that is pointless (after initially basking in their awesomeness) aminations. I can choose to spend my time in so many better ways, Please, let me do that
aka FFS let me play the game!!!

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Animations are like 80% of the time spent in the game, really frustrating.
Im considering to stop playing due to that. The game is one of the more fun puzzlers in years, but sadly my time is better spent elswhere.
So a big + on having an option to speed up animations.

And good luck to you PiMacleod, we were sad to see you go, but I agree 100% with you.


I agree with these statements - the length of animations make the game very tedious. The slowness between starting and ending of battles, the character animation speeds, the extremely slow victory reward delivery system together with the short duration of many of the game modes (therefore requiring more of time in menus, victory screens, loading screens) leads to a relatively low ratio of enjoyable gameplay to waiting.

Many quality solutions have been mentioned above. The graphics are beautiful, but I am in agreement with others that the graphics really reduce the overall enjoyment due to their run-time.

Some additional options for improving (at least my own experience) would be:

  1. A “maraton” game mode allowing you to do multiple battles at once and then receive multiple sets of rewards at once. This would reduce our down-time in the menus and reward screens.
  2. New game modes requiring more strategy and thought - games which the mechanics reduce the game speed while providing better rewards. Some very superficial concepts which can be combined:
    • Add spell “categories” to the game and ban certain categories of spells for events;
    • Add static locked blocks to the gameboard;
    • Different sizes or shapes of gameboard;
    • certain colors of gems appear at differing rates;
    • Timed board resets, or other mechanics that we need to strategise around.
  3. Improving the interface to allow for you to buy multiple items at once:
    • Buy all stacks of a shard from store at once;
    • buy multiple honor rewards/chests at once.
  4. Unrelated, but incredibly important. Please get rid of needless screen flash!

Of course the game is in early access - so my hope is that new game modes and concepts are coming to us soon.

Thank you.

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Post your ideas here!

Is this thread still active?

Well, even if this thread died, it’s about time for a lil bit of necromancy.

I was going to start exact same topic as I’m really tired of all those fancy anims watched for like 111111!!!one times.
Those take really too much time to view, and my phone is getting hot.
I mean really hot! Too hot to hold in hand after half an hour.
The battery boils literally, and I’m already playing on almost min. gfx settings.

I don’t see the need to animate background in every lobby window.
Would you DEVs consider adding an option to disable all animations?
They were fastened or cut a bit in last 2 updates - which is fine - but still after watching same anim for 1029381023 time it gets on my nerves, just like watching the same ad before video on YT again and again.
For 6(?) months.