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First, I’d like to give some credit to the Devs on developing a game that visually is very impressive. The details, artwork, animations, all of it. It really is well done. Since most of the content on the forum is us pointing out bugs or other things we don’t like, the Devs rarely get kudos for the things they’ve done well. So, good job!

That being said, I can understand why there may be some hesitancy to intentionally build into the game things that hide or minimize aspects of the game the Devs may be really proud of, like animations. But, the fact of the matter is that the game takes sooooo long to do even the daily tasks and the majority of that time is spent watching animations. Here’s an example of a basic day for me:

27 PvP Enemies (9x3)
18 Dungeon Challenge Enemies (3 dungeons x 6)
9 Skirmish Challenge Enemies (3 skirmish x 3)
16 Daily Event Enemies (2 battles x 8)
32 Dungeon Event Enemies (4 battles x 8)

That works out to (at least) 102 enemy battles every day without spending a single minute in the campaign or farming gear in dungeons. That’s 102 battles in all their animated glory, along with random game freezes and resets. Without a doubt, I spend more time watching animations of gems exploding or enemies hitting me or dying, than I do actually matching gems.

Possible Solutions:

  • Create an Animation Section in the Settings Tab where animations can be turned off. It would be great if there were granular options here for different kinds of animations. Gem matching, Enemy hits/spells, My hits/spells, Death, etc. It would also be nice if there was an option to view the animation the first time it is encountered in the game, whether that’s a new enemy, spell, weapon, or whatever. Everything past the first line of the bullet is fluff though and is secondary to the ability to turn off animations.

  • Instead of eliminating animations, offer the ability to speed up the game. This is the most common solution I see in other games. Maybe it’s easier to code a speed up of existing animations than it is to completely eliminate… I don’t know. The common implementation features a toggle switch that allows the player to switch between x1 and x3 or x4. I’ve seen at least one game with a third high speed option that was around x7 I believe. For this game, I’d recommend Normal (x1), Fast (x4), and Super Fast (x10) options. I’d be sitting on x10 ALL THE TIME, smiling as I save hours upon hours of my life not watching the same animations over and over again.

Anyone else have ideas on how to save time? I’d love to hear them.


Warning: this post will be long, as I am going to break down tiny details of the game in a needlessly exhaustive manner.

So many people have posted feedback asking for an option to disable animations. It’s understandable since every player is frustrated at how slow the game is. However, I don’t know if players making this suggestion have thought about what the game would be like with animations turned off. Would the characters models just stand and stare at each other in their idle animation until one of them faints or just disappears? I can’t imagine any developer wanting to take the models and animations of PQ3 as they are now and making them the equivalent of static images like an old-school JRPG. Out of everything we can ask the developer to do, removing animations is almost certainly a non-starter.

I also don’t think that the existence of animations is a problem. Some are quite nice and improve the game. But as GodlikeNay says, the problem with PQ3 is that most of the time spent in game is not spent playing, instead the player is just watching and waiting for their next chance to play, often to the point that the player will regularly stop playing mid-battle to do something else while the animations run. To make the gameplay faster and smoother, I recommend that:

  • Animations need to be short and quick;
  • Animations should be played in the background during gameplay as much as possible, instead of stopping the game to run animations; and
  • Ending frames of animations should be cancellable, similar to a fighting game or action game.

(While an option to choose the speed of the animations via toggle would help, it could also be a non-starter. I can’t think of any other games with the style and animations of PQ3 that would have such an option. I understand that Gems of Wars has a speed option, but I don’t know if that game has animations like PQ3.)

Animations need to be short and quick

An example of a quick animation currently in the game is the animation for casting certain spells while equipped with a Tome (e.g. Channel Darkness). The Tome flashes, the hero arcs her back while looking up, and the spell immediately activates. The entire animation lasts less than half a second. This animation makes casting the spell feel awesome and gives a sense of power to the player. I love this animation.

An example of a slow animation would be the animation for casting other spells with the Tome (e.g. Cloudkill). The character slowly brings her hands in front of her, then there’s a half-second pause, then the tome starts to vibrate, then the spell is cast. The whole animation takes about two seconds. This is the kind of animation that needs to be adjusted. In this case, the spell should be cast when the character has brought her hands forward (and that part may need to be sped up). If adjusted, the animation wouldn’t bring a huge pause on gameplay, but would still look good and feel good.

I think that the quick Tome spell animation is a good benchmark for the maximum duration of attack and spell animations. Some of the attack animations in the game are just too slow. The broadsword animation is a big downward slash with an extremely long wind-up. This should be changed to a quick slash. The sickle animation involves a hop and a spin before the attack. This should also be changed to a quick slash (maybe the character could attack with both sickles, since she’s dual-wielding after all). The wand animation has multiple pauses in-between lifting the wand, aiming the wand and firing the missile. The pauses should be removed from this animation. Longer animations could still be kept in some capacity as long as they were used sparingly, such as for critical hits. Overall, faster is better.

Aside from player animations, the animations for exploding and cascading gems should also be tightened. As it is right now, every set of matched gems takes almost half a second to explode. A screen with 6 or more matches takes several seconds to finish exploding and start cascading. These gem explosion animations needs to be greatly sped up. Each set of matched gems should explode very, very quickly (e.g. a tenth of second). The new gems that fill the board also have a bouncing animation that makes it take nearly a second for the gems to settle. The bouncing animation should be removed, they just slow the game down.

Animations should be played in the background during gameplay as much as possible, instead of stopping the game to run animations

As it is now, the animations in the game are played sequentially after the player finishes their turn. My main gripe here is with the player attack animation. The way it works is that after you match your gems, you have to wait until all of the gems have finished matching and cascading, and only then does your character start her attack animation.

As soon as the timer runs out during a player’s turn (or the turn ends because no more matches are possible), the game already knows what the outcome of that turn will be, including the results of any combos from cascading gems. The game should take advantage of this and start animations early. While the gems are exploding and new gems are falling, the character should begin her attack animation so that the animation finishes at the same time as the gems have finished falling and the player’s turn has been resolved. It’s no less satisfying for the player to see the animation happen in the background during the cascade, and it will take less time which keeps the game from getting boring.

I think there are a few other cases where the game prevents the player from taking action while running certain animations. For example, I think this happens when the player stuns an enemy a with a spell such as Blackjack or Poison Spirit, they then have to wait while the enemy runs an animation showing that he has been stunned. Players should be able to continue to cast spells, match gems, etc. during the enemy’s stun animation.

Ending frames of animations should be cancellable, similar to a fighting game or action game

Cancels are a very satisfying, fun element of many games. It makes gameplay smooth and responsive, and it makes the player feel good and rewarded for his decisions and execution (even if the execution is extremely simple and easy). When you cast a spell in PQ3, after the spell has been cast and the effect has taken place (e.g. the enemy has taken damage), there is further delay before the player can take his next action as the spell-casting animation finishes and the character returns to her neutral idle animation. This delay is extremely frustrating. This is why players mash the spell buttons repeatedly as they wait for the animation to end so that they can cast their next spell.

As soon as a spell has been cast and the effect has taken place, the player should be able to take their next action. If that action is to cast another spell, then cancel the end frames of the previous spell’s animation and start the next one. If that action is to match gems, then the end frames of the spell may need to be cancelled to start the attack animation (although this would be really unlikely to happen).

Storing chests

This point is not related to animations, but it does have to do with speeding up the game and is one aspect of PQ3 that I find to be particularly frustrating. The game needs to let the player assign a minion to a chest as soon as that chest is received. The fact that the player has to store the chest, and then back out of several screens (the dungeon screen, daily challenge screen, shop, etc.), go to the tavern, select the Chests screen, select the chest (sometimes having to scroll down), then press the button to say you want to assign a minion to a chest, and only then can they select the minion …please let players assign a minion to a chest as soon as that chest is received.


Lots of great ideas from Traductus on how to speed up the game without eliminating animation or adding a speed toggle. Nice Job.

In regards to the quote above, I’ve played a lot of games that use the speed toggle. Actually, so many, that not seeing the speed toggle as an option in a game that requires so much “watching” of animations is actually shocking. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Hero Wars are the two most recent I’ve played with the speedup option. Both have fantastic graphics and animations that are on par with PQ3.

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@Traductus @GodlikeNay I agree with both your post these are all good great ideas to help the game along.

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Hey all!

This is some great feedback. Also appreciate how it has been written out!

While we are extremely excited everyone enjoys the animations & graphics of the game, but we also understand how sometimes you may want to just get through the battle.

Some of this is similarly implemented. For example, you have most likely already noticed that when you revive you can just get straight back into playing while the animation of the revive plays. So there is already possibly the potential for other animations to play in the background.

But I have grabbed everything in here & shared it with the team.

I also took note of @Traductus point on assigning a Minion to a chest as soon as it has been awarded!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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This would be a nice QOL change.

Another similar change would be to allow for leveling of items as soon as they appear as loot. This would alleviate the need to back out of the Battles/Event/Tavern menu, go into the Hero menu, select the gear type, select the gear item, upgrade the item to level 3 or 5 or whatever, salvage the item, back out of the Hero menu, go back into the Battle/Event/Tavern menu to continue playing the game as you wished you could have all along.

However, this ridiculous process that is required to be done over and over again would be better fixed by addressing 2 currently broken elements of the game:

  1. Lack of inventory – which requires you to salvage an item every time you get anything or you cannot continue to play
  2. No built-in shard rarity trading – which requires you to level up items before salvaging them to attempt to get some value for the lower rarity shards (which still provides absolutely no value for the high rarity shards)… but you can’t save up a bunch of items to perform this ridiculous work-around for multiple items because #1 above won’t let you keep playing.
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