This is a great update

This new update is great, the fact that we get seasonal platinum passes is a literal game changer, and the spellbook is a great feature, I was wrong to doubt it.

It’s also great that you’ve given some prizes for the holiday events that are worth farming for, keep that up please.

I also love all of the small improvements such as the chest openings being quicker and tidier.

@Jeto tell the team great job.


I think it’s awful. Whose bright idea was it to remove the element information from Gear in the Gear Vault?

How are we supposed to bulk salvage Gear items at a glance now?


That part’s annoying actually, I’d forgotten about that (I’ve been to bed and woken up again since the launch).

I must have missed the information about the seasonal platinum pass. Could you share the source?

Regarding the item color, it is a bug that will be fixed soon. Jeto mentioned it somewhere in the comments under the patch notes I think.

No source, just go into the season chapter’s rewards screen and buy the relic.

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….and the Minion Levels being removed from the Minion Vault?

Do these updates actually get tested before being submitted then rolled out?

I didn’t notice that, what do you mean?

The Minion’s levels aren’t visible in the Minion Vault so, as with the Gear, you can’t bulk salvage Minions at a glance.

I like to have two of every Minion….only keeping the highest value pair in my repository, and salvaging the rest. I have to bulk salvage on an almost daily basis, but now it’s going to be a mare!

It is a known issue they are going to fix in the nex hotfix:


Cheers Higure.

Is there an ETA on that?

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Not that I have read

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Cheers anyway. :+1:t2:

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Because I know it is much easier to vent and talk about things you dislike, I would like to support the original topic. So, in spite of the mentioned bugs to be fixed, here is my positive feedback:

  1. I really love that there are more cosmetic choices included in the game (new portraits / frames)
  2. I really do like the subtle GFX changes I immediately noticed when playing
  3. I really do like the new layout of the party screen, which puts the frames into perspective :slight_smile:
  4. I definitely like the spellbook design, which is very beautiful on its own
  5. I am very glad that the salvage-all option is now available

So … let’s also appreciate the cool new stuff and thank the devs :slight_smile:


Best update ever.
Dev did do many things we asked for.
Compensation was bugfree, very fair and also rest of the updated things work (ok mostly) well.
So stop complaining pls.
This time Dev did a real great job, did listen to us and changed things before the update, did give nice rewards and did something helpful against the burnouts many players got after a while playing.
Very good way this update is, would Yoda say.
Thx a lot Dev.
A real lot.


Are you ok? That update was a disaster. Amount of bugs astronomical. It was required from them to run the game once, once! But nooooo - devs have better things to do than play their own game.

Indeed they have … they have to design, to code, to erase bugs, to do QoL, to invent graphics, sounds, solve problems, do teammeetings … etc.
So they should have a bunch of testers normally that really play their game on an intense level.
You need many ppl on diffrent platforms, with diffrent playstyles, ideas and habits to do good testing. And to do a perfect game you need much more then good testers.
But seems our dev earns not enough $ to do it this state of the art still.
Lets hope this will change by the game getting better and better.

And this update for sure is a good way to get there, step by step.
They did not only improove the game a lot and did find solutions for major problems… they did improve their way to do a good job using our help a lot, there are no real gamebreaking bugs, nothing that prevents most ppl from playing … they did use their limited resources very well this time.

So , yes, I am ok … but are you?

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If other bugs have arisen that haven’t been reported, or weren’t already included in the patch notes as known issues or something with a fix on the way, please don’t hesitate to create a bug report thread! Can’t investigate if it’s not reported, I’ll jump on it asap :sparkles:

But from what I have seen, new bugs since 2.5 launch have been visual issues mostly with spell page count displays and spell previews in the Vault.
The Sony unable to launch (resolved with reinstalling, as players were missing files) being the biggest issue

But again, if there is anything we have missed please don’t hesitate to share - everything in the forum currently has been addressed.

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In my opinion, taking into account the big changes made by this update there is a surprisingly low number of bugs, most of them minor. I do believe there are some issues that need to be quickly addressed, such as the seasonal spells only obtainable through rewards tab and the increased difficulty for evolving spell rarity. However, I have no doubt that the team is already working on how to fix them. All in all, I am really happy with the update and how it is working out, so I completely agree with the title of this thread. And the proof is clear: if even Joker is happy about it, then this is truly a great update :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you explain to me how you missed described bugs if you loaded game at least once? No one in your team opens inventory? No one in your team opens chests? No one in your team plays PS? (Definitely, actually, because of how bad and inconsistent controls for the platform and how there are issues with every update)
You really think this isn’t enough?
It isn’t smth hidden - it’s basic UI.

What big changes? They removed any possibility to upgrade spells without over farming one dungeon, great, thank you, really fun.
There wasn’t new game changing content for a year, and in the end we get this?
Update makes sense in theory, but implementation - oh my god.