To save the game for new/mid-level players. Seriously

Probably means the aether mythic if you have a level 50 crafter. But its anywhere from 1 a week to 1 a month depending on how frequently you play (500 aether from salvaging).

It was just an estimation for some light but consistent farming. For example, I have only opened 2 mythics in this time even thought I have been farming lvl 100 a lot (I have been playing an average of 9 hours a day since the upgrade). The amount you get will depend a lot on luck, the time you invest, how fast you are, the lvl of the chests opened… I just gave the “1 mythic a week” estimation to get an idea of what the average player may expect, but I may be wrong and be more or less than that.

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Usually I spend 7-14 hours a week. I have already spent 14 hours since update’s release and I got three mythic and four legendary items. Aether collected so far - 278. Should I consider myself super lucky?

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I’ve spent about that much time too. Opened 4 dozen or so level 100 chests, at least a dozen of them diamond. I’ve gotten only junk: no mythics and only one leg, that one with junk stats that was actually worse than my epic version of same gear.

So, yes, either you’re very lucky or I’m very unlucky.


Of course, as mid-level, it takes me a lot more playtime to get each one of those chests … so this may also be in part the end-gamer vs mid-gamer experience with the slot machine mechanic. Might take me 24-30 hours to get as many as you can get in 7.


Without knowing how many chests along with their level and quality it is hard to tell if it is out of the ordinary. Seems like a good result though.

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I have spent around 45 hours and got plenty of legendaries but only 2 mythic pieces. Your results seem pretty good indeed.


Haven’t been tracking playtime but it’s been plenty of hours since release. A couple of legendaries (dups of things I already have and weaker than what I had already so I scrubbed them) and one mythic to date.

RNG is not feeling friendly lately.


This is why the new “RNG only” regime is a death-knell for low- and mid-level players, who will no longer be enjoying the game.

If we could still upgrade our gear to mythic, then the very rare nice drop from chests would be a positive thing – an unexpected boon. Meanwhile, we’d be feeling a sense of accomplishment as we selectively leveled up the gear we’ve spent many months and resources (and $) slowly improving.

But, being completely dependent on those rare RNG drops now - and, even when the very occasional good thing drops, having it often be completely useless to our hero and builds - well, it makes the whole experience utterly disheartening.


Cute thinking devs will do anything more than wring their hands, wax philosophical, and observe for now so they might address it later. But on the off chance this might actually be read, I agree 100% with switch. I started playing 2 months ago and have gathered together a set of legendary armor that was optimized to how I enjoyed playing. I even managed to get my weapon to mythic as well, and was on the cusp of a pair more mythical upgrades. Now all those glyphs and relics are sitting there worthless again. I don’t want random armor pieces haphazardly thrown at me at an agonizingly slow pace, I had a pathway to improvement now I’ve got nothing. All the while I get one shot on kingdom defenses showcasing my glaring weaknesses and can’t even use this new resource aether as most of my crafter followers are still epic - it will likely take a year if not longer before they are capable of crafting upgrades to my armor. So now I’m stuck, strong enough to get 70% of the way through hard mode, but too weak to survive a shot from a lvl 14 kingdom defense. I can weather this for a short while, but every other match the thought of ‘what’s the goddamn point’ gets ever louder. This game is spiraling for me, which sucks because I like the core gameplay.


I love the core gameplay. I actually also think the writing is significantly better than most similar games - it’s hard to do blank slate mains when you can’t also genuinely do CYA (choose your own adventure, not cover your ahem), so I am not being disingenuous with my praise here.

Like you, though, many of my crafters are below level 50, so my options are limited. I’m cautiously optimistic that as with the spell rework the devs will pay attention to what we’re saying, but the situation is very similar to after the spell rework. Then spell pages were just not dropping so we were looking at literal years to be able to get and level our spells. This is pretty much the same situation again, and in some ways maybe a little worse, because whereas most of us were likely focusing on spells we already had, now the odds of getting mythic gear of use are significantly worse than the odds for spells.

The real problem is the fatigue of this being the case again, after we experienced this with the spell rework. The repetition is disheartening, and it’s a struggle to maintain interest and enthusiasm when the goalposts haven’t just shifted further away this time, the princess is in a whole other castle. The devs did step up vis-a-vis shields counting towards utility scrolls instead of battle scrolls, so I am hopeful that they will listen to our criticisms in the spirit intended: in helping us to continue to enjoy the game and maybe even want to spend our money on it instead of disgruntledly leaving for pastures new.


Man, everyone’s talking about gear here but personally that’s the part I care least about (and I know I’m probably in the minority here). Being able to get all honing materials back when salvaging means I can feel more free to experiment with different builds without feeling like I need to commit to one I’ve used since the beginning just because I dumped all my materials into upgrading it. There is a dimension of being forced to choose between an Epic piece with a good set bonus and correct Mastery gem color and a Legendary with better raw stats but maybe not the right exact piece that I find interesting.

Then again, I am a long-time MMO player with tens of thousands of boss kills and millions of mob kills, so RNG drops don’t faze me in the slightest at this point. Unless you’re completely Mythic-blocked, there is always something you can work on upgrading. I just wish targeting certain types of resources were a bit easier.

That brings me to the part I really care about, which is the awful, awful cost of hero scrolls. The amount of resources just to get one hero’s scrolls to level 50 is already a lot and the fact that they aren’t shared is just nuts considering how hard it is to come by Glyphs. I am especially salty that when the patch notes said scrolls would be capped by hero level, they actually meant that the resources transferred during the update would be capped by hero level. So someone who had all their classes at level 50 is now about 1-2 years ahead of someone who had one level 50 and the rest much lower, even if both those players had the same gear before the update.


Yes, this is really really terrible too … and will, I think, backfire.

Used to be that players would try out a bunch of different heroes, wind up with a bunch of different builds as a result, and thus have more incentive to spend time and $ leveling those builds. Not any more.

But the original post focused on the destruction of the ability to advance gear to mythic because, IMHO, that represents a fundamental change in the nature of the game and players’ experience.

In a sense, it has completely changed the “product” being offered … bait and switch.

No, there isn’t. That’s the point.

You CAN’T work on gear to upgrade it to mythic. Or to upgrade it at all, other than the very minor stat improvements that honing provides.

That’s the whole problem.

Players are no longer just mythic blocked, they’re everything blocked.

Yes, that is a nice element of 3.0, I agree.

But that still is overshadowed by the inability to advance gear further.

Yes, now you can, say, try out an epic, decide if you like it or not and - if not - trash it and try something else. You cannot, of course, come back to it once you’ve trashed it. But you could, e.g., try out 3 epics in parallel, decide which you want to keep, and trash the other two. That’s actually - as you point out - a nice part of 3.0. It allows you to experiment a bit more easily.

But then, guess what, once you’ve found the gear you like … you’re SCREWED. There’s nothing more you can do with that epic now.


All you can do is grind away and hope against hope you’ll get a legendary version of that gear in a random drop. Rather than, say, the other gear that you tried out and decided you didn’t want to keep. Or one with crap stats that’s actually worse than the epic in hand (which is what I got in the one-and-only legendary I’ve seen out of dozens of 100-level ruby & diamond chests.)

And, of course, that extremely lucky legendary drop isn’t that great, now that you come to think about it.

Okay, yes, you got a nice stat bump in the gear you’d decided you liked … but you are now just as impossibly far away from the mythic version as you were before. Because that legendary version of the gear can’t be upgraded - other than the little bit of honing - any more than the epic version could.


All of which simply sets the player up for one disappointment after another … without the consolation we used to have of “hey, at least I can salvage the bits-and-pieces from this utterly useless crap I just got and use it to improve my chosen gear that I’ve been carefully cultivating.”

Nope. You’re completely stuck waiting on luck. You have no agency, no control, no gradual improvement and steady trickle of positive feedback as you do.

And, based on the experience of mid-level gamers with the drops (and they can’t get the higher-end chests nearly as fast as the end-gamers - end-gamers who, themselves, are seeing a very low % of good drops!) …

… well, unless you want to do that thankless, discouraging grind for hours a day, day in and day out, for months, maybe even a year or two, with the ‘positive’ moments very few and far between … you’re not going to get those pieces you figured out you want.


I anticipate that there will be very few, if any, new customers who would weather that constant stream of disappointment and feeling of complete helplessness.

I know I, for one, am not up for that. … That “advance only by luck” is not the game I “signed up for” when I started playing pre-3.0 PQ3.

That’s not what any of the current players signed up for.


We just lost another player, so sad.

Thank you for your post, I am a new player and started just before the change. It was appealing to me then so I invested some money. No problem. With the new system of gear I tend to stop playing.
The main issues I have, is the drop rate op the the thingies you need to hone your gear, second upgrades i think, crystals for the hunter specific, and last but not least the chest box storage. I can’t keep playing with out salvage them, which is a waste. ( i know waiting time will be reduce by the minions) I like to play 24/7 like I did with gems of war.
Since i am new, I might have missed quiet a few options but i will explore and see what I can find.

Thx for reading


Hi Dipo55, If you use Discord, come over to the Throne of Odin Discord, Throne of Odin Puzzle Quest 3. There are a lot of active players on it, and lots of useful knowledge to help you get started finding your path. This may be easier than trying to answer questions on the forum.

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Thx for your reply, I am Okay and happy. I am a solo fly :slight_smile: and almost 100 years old lol.
So i rather game alone atm.
Have great day


If they just left the capability to upgrade armor this wouldn’t feel like such a cluster. It’s been a week since I was last here and I’ve still yet to see an upgrade drop. I had a mythic drop but it was no upgrade. Started playing new games - Heroish was a fun temporary diversion but it’s only a matter of time before I stop holding out for better and just go as well. Which sucks, because the match-3 bit still remains entertaining.


This definitely seems to be a common reaction.

And so unnecessary to alienate the players this way by turning progress into nothing more than a gacha slot-machine. … Could have retained that capability to improve gear up to mythic and still done all the changes/improvements that 3.0 did.

I see no upside - to either players’ fun or the company’s finances - in taking the capability away.

I just don’t get it.


I have had half a dozen Mythics drop since the update, and that’s as a casual, new player who just does the dailies and maybe autos a few dungeons. Three of them were ones I needed. I really don’t see the RNG gear drops as the primary concern here when the bottlenecking of important resources like glyphs is far more of a hindrance to progress. Based on my experience so far, if you want a certain piece of gear you’ll get it within a few days by focusing a specific dungeon.

I can’t think of many RPGs where you stick with a single piece of gear from the moment you start the game rather than switching items as you progress in the game. Switching set bonuses and gear around is just part of the game. Maybe RPG fans are not who actually play this game though and they totally missed the mark on their demographics.

Then yours is a very unusual experience, if you really are getting that many mythics. Ive opened well over 100 level 100 chests, as well as a bunch 50-90, and gotten no mythics. 4 legendaries, all of crap stats and useless to me.

I have mostly epic gear and I think, so far, the only improvement I’ve seen from all those drops is to an epic item I don’t even use.


If course, you’re more likely to get a pre-mythic version – but since that can’t be upgraded to mythic, you’re still just as shut out from end game play.

And getting a drop of a gear piece from a specific dungeon was always the case. That’s nothing new. It’s the loss of the capability to develop it that’s new.


On a discord forum, someone reported ooening 100 top-level chests and getting 1 mythic

So the odds of getting a mythic are 1% or - for lower levels - worse. Odds if that being a useful drop for you, even less. Odds of it being a particular piece you’re looking for, miniscule.


Progress in the game isn’t just levelling up gear, but leveling ing up gear that complements your other pieces and the spells you use. Or coming up with several such complementary sets.

Making that development entirely enslaved to random and unlikely drops is extremely discouraging. It also makes the gameplay experience psychologically negative, at least insomuch as you’re looking for particular pieces for intelligent development.

And negative gameplay experience doesnt encourage microtransactions.


Returning the capability to upgrade chosen gear to mythic would give the best of both worlds … Steady progress and sense of accomplishment, along with the (very) rare times when a useful high-end piece drops.

It would make for more encouraging gameplay for customers at all stages in the game.