Ultimate (and other) Caches - Post 3.0

I think ALL dungeons drops sucks now there are just too many types of items that can drop, the way loot is dispatched should have its own rework is what I think.
When opening ruby and diamond ones they should act as if you’re opening 3 chests, one that can only contain shards and/or food and/or ore AND one or more relic(s), a second one that can only contain spell pages for one or several spells OR minions and the 3rd one reserved for gear with like 5% chance to get a mythic with ruby ones and 10% for diamond ones. That whole process should be invisible for the player though, you’d still see the animations of one chest getting opened but it would fix the very sad state drops are in right now, too many times you open a big chest and it feels like it’s a scam of your time, your keys or your food.


Love my new Ultimate Cache 3.0 gear! /s


This is BRUTAL to get plain old Dreamhold gear, from a limited currency, this far removed from 1.3.

This is exactly what I warned about in the initial claim of this thread “Seasonal Caches are so much worse now.” It used to be a recoverable situation when you got a piece of gear from these

Also, WTF to these not counting toward goals!?!?!

These goals are mathematically improbable to near impossible.

I 100% regret buying the platinum pass this season. I knew it was a bad idea when I bought it.
Here is what you get with the new 3.0

  • -two less pets
  • -two less spells
  • -old season gear at 80% of the gear loot pool (from a horrible set… maybe the 2nd worst one out there)
  • +old season gear with power boost at 20% of the gear loot pool (but still on a horrible set) that is insanely rare
  • -can’t upgrade any gear now, so goals are close to impossible and gear drop rates mean you will likely not get the piece you want at a quality you will use
  • -Cache loot tables that are incorrectly labeled, maybe? (still no mythic gear listed other than Amulet of the First)

A note on the loot table from 3.0 - It is even worse than it appears.
8.08 percent of drops will count toward the gear goals due to fae touched being required, with an addition 4% coming from non-fae-touched Amulet of the First.

Previous seasons the gear used for goals came from ultimate caches at a 35% rate. So now goals are 4x-5x harder to achieve.

Here is the complete loot table from the Ultimate Cache (as listed in the game)

% Chance Item
4.00% 1000 Spell Pages
1.00% 1500 Spell Pages
15.00% 500 Spell Pages
5.00% Crystal
2.00% Epic Minion
0.25% Fae Epic Boots
0.25% Fae Epic Chest
0.25% Fae Epic Gloves
0.25% Fae Epic Ring
0.25% Fae Epic Shield
0.25% Fae Epic Weapon
0.63% Fae Legendary Amulet of the First
0.19% Fae Legendary Amulet of the First
0.08% Fae Legendary Amulet of the First
0.06% Fae Legendary Boots
0.06% Fae Legendary Chest
0.06% Fae Legendary Gloves
0.06% Fae Legendary Ring
0.06% Fae Legendary Shield
0.06% Fae Legendary Weapon
0.07% Fae Mythic Amulet of the First
0.02% Fae Mythic Amulet of the First
0.01% Fae Mythic Amulet of the First
0.87% Fae Rare Boots
0.87% Fae Rare Chest
0.87% Fae Rare Gloves
0.87% Fae Rare Ring
0.87% Fae Rare Shield
0.87% Fae Rare Weapon
0.50% Legendary Minion
2.52% Normal Legendary Amulet of the First
0.76% Normal Legendary Amulet of the First
0.32% Normal Legendary Amulet of the First
0.28% Normal Mythic Amulet of the First
0.08% Normal Mythic Amulet of the First
0.04% Normal Mythic Amulet of the First
0.93% Old Season Epic Boots
0.93% Old Season Epic Chest
0.93% Old Season Epic Gloves
0.93% Old Season Epic Ring
0.93% Old Season Epic Shield
0.93% Old Season Epic Weapon
0.23% Old Season Legendary Boots
0.23% Old Season Legendary Chest
0.23% Old Season Legendary Gloves
0.23% Old Season Legendary Ring
0.23% Old Season Legendary Shield
0.23% Old Season Legendary Weapon
3.51% Old Season Rare Boots
3.51% Old Season Rare Chest
3.51% Old Season Rare Gloves
3.51% Old Season Rare Ring
3.51% Old Season Rare Shield
3.51% Old Season Rare Weapon
7.50% Rare Minion
5.00% Shards
18.00% T3 Relic
2.00% T4 Relic
100.10% Total of all drops

The loot table gets to 100.1% with no Mythic gear listed other than the Amulet of the First

Some other notable breakdowns of gear drop rates:

5.22% Fae Gear Rare
1.50% Fae Gear Epic
0.36% Fae Gear Legendary
0.90% Fae Amulet of the First - Legendary
0.10% Fae Amulet of the First - Mythic
8.08% Total chance for Fae Gear
28.02% Season 1.3 Gear (old Dreamhold)

I also think that opening chests still feel terrible most of times, specially ruby and diamond chests that you open hoping for something and you mostly get nothing inside but resources plenty of players don’t need anymore (rare relics, epic relics, even legendary relic, shards, legendary runes/scrolls, mythic scrolls…).

In fact, I also wondered recently about something like what you say, having “slots” in ruby and diamond chests so that you always get something good. I guess the problem is defining what “something good” is, but after the reworks, getting spell pages and/or gear pieces in every ruby and diamond chest feels like a must. For example, ruby chests having one drop always being spell pages or a gear piece and diamond chests having one drop always being spell pages and another drop always being a gear piece. I don’t like changing drops because then there is always the risk of getting less of other drops you want, but I don’t like opening worthless ruby and diamond chests neither.


I was surprised by how Fae Touched functions. I initially expected it to be a variation of the Dreamhold set with a unique main ability, but it actually includes the original Dreamhold abilities along with the new one, making it a superior version of the set. This renders collecting the original Dreamhold set somewhat pointless in my opinion, as it essentially replaces it entirely.

Additionally, I would have preferred if the gear had color swaps to differentiate it slightly from the originals while maintaining their original appearance.

0 for 18 and counting on Gear of any type of any rarity from Season chests.

Today’s chest haul was decent: 2 Diamonds, 3 Ruby, 3 Gold, 1 Iron → All food, ore, lesser relics, and shards. One chest had a drop of 40ish pages for one spell.


Same here. Not one peice of gear. I really dont think that there is any gear to be found in the chests.

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If that is intended, it could explain why only a low % of the gear obtained is Fae touched. However, I believe it would also be a bad decision, since you would be effectively making the dreamhold gear worthless and the seasonal goals too hard to get. It would be another decision to promote spending money without any regard to players.

According to the update notes, the variant ability should replace the original ability. So either the explanation is wrong and variant gear gets both the original and the variant abilities, or the variant gear dropped is bugged and it should only have the variant ability. Can you clear this @Jeto ? Thank you.

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Definitely a Joke. Do you really need players purchasing the Platinum Pass so much? Because this may have the opposite effect, at least if I had purchased it I would probably vow not to do it again seeing this.

I’ve never bought a platinum pass, for this very reason.

What did you get? And what does it do?

I’ve seen the previews in the cache window, the variants have butterflies flapping around it don’t they?

Looks like a green cloud, might be butterflies though. Fae Touched get all the gear powers of the original Dreamhold, plus the new fae touched powers. Basically a new and improved version of the existing Dreamhold set with what appears to be a much lower drop rate than the original set has.

0 for 27 now; 2 spell drops today.

Starting to creep beyond “highly unlucky” probabilities of bad luck.

Also quite suspicious that when spells do drop out of Season 3.0 chests, that drop amounts are half-ish non-Season amounts for L100. (because only 2 spells instead of the 4, they halved the drop amount to retain parity drop amounts?)


I haven’t heard of anyone getting gear from season 3.0 chests, only from caches. If you got a piece of gear from a CHEST, would you please post here so we know? If not, there is a serious problem beyond poor drop rates.


Because in some ways it’s more important to know how many people haven’t got any gear from the dungeon chests and there is no point flooding the forum with posts saying I haven’t got any gear.

Just to say again this is dungeon chests, not caches.

EDIT: This has now been addressed and gear is dropping from chests. Thanks for voting earlier! :slight_smile:

  • I’ve opened at least 9 dungeon chests and not got any 3.0 gear
  • I’ve got 3.0 gear from a dungeon chest
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Yeah! My disappointment is really high ,Platinum pass seems a waste of money so far no gear drops in chests and a blue falchion in a cache.

There is no joy in this game at the moment.

Please redress this situation as soon as you can.

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@Jeto @Kafka Sorry for tagging but I just wanted to make sure you see the poll 2 posts above. Something is wrong with the drop table for season 3.0 dungeon chests. The new gear is not dropping from them.

Don’t be sorry for tagging them. It is broken and they need to put eyes on this immediately. @Mother_Morgz too, just to get some more attention.

All content should deliver what is advertised. There are people paying up to a $25 premium for season passes and your incompetence is stealing value from these purchases.

Honestly, I am growing more and more tired of the level of “troubleshooting” the players have to do with this game. I understand that software has bugs, but we are up to extreme levels of flaws at this point.

Kingdoms are losing players due to poor coding, delivery, and execution of what is promised.

@IP2, maybe it is time you find the root cause(s) of these persistent issues and put people on performance improvement plans?


I feel bad as in my kingdom chat i normally mention how i feel season pass is good value, some one has purchased the pass and they must be thinking that im insane suggesting season pass is worth the money, what a time for you to mess up, they will probably never buy a pass ever again

I don’t think the season’s pass is a total bust. The spells are fantastic and I love the new Moth minion. It could use some serious tweaks though in regards to gear drops and caches as well.