Update 2.3 Patch Notes

Think most end-game players Ore… and probably Food and Gold is at max :smiling_face_with_tear:
I know mine usually are.

@ALP whats your name code… I just want to check if that truly did give 0 Ore

My name code: ALP_LHJQ

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Cool! Rewards given from Daily Login rewards should exceed your cap, so the team is working to fix this up for future!

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Toragon has seen things that cannot be unseen… :thinking:

Look at those eyes…




WHY IS HE LIKE THAT… reported but also saving… for reasons


Filing this one under 2.3, because that is still the production version of the moment and I don’t know if this is one of those small bugs that aren’t worth mentioning that much that may have been fixed in 2.4. But, I ran into again yesterday and before this skips my mind again:

  • Android

When tapping on a push notification, the app does not open and the push notification clears. User can use their Android device normally as if no interactions had occurred with with the push notification.

When the user next manually opens the PQ3 app, the app will jump to the event that triggered the push notification that was activated by the user.

(So, the issue is that the app does not open automatically when the user engages and activates a push notification on Android.)

@Lyrian following up with the team this has been a difficulty one to replicate for testing, just due to the range of devices out there. It has been something we have worked on before.

What device are you using and what are the notifications you have experienced this with?
So I can pass those details along.

Device: Galaxy S23 Ultra

Most, if not all notifications.

Especially “kingdoms defense starting/finishing”, “xxx crafter has finished crafting”, and “xxx resource gatherer is at capacity”.

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I have the same device. I rarely use the notifications to get into the app, but when I do, I experience the same issue.

Oneplus Nord 2 5G. Android 13 Exactly same issue every time I have tried selecting a notification. I think it is all notifications but not 100% sure.