Where do i find evelines lockett?

I have been looking everywhere for this and i swear i had it once and by mistake salvaged it. I’ve looked in all the ultimate caches and no luck but I’ve swore ut was there before. Is it a random thing weekly or what?

@Jeto can you please help or is it a big secret whereabouts?

Its in 1.4 The Fallen Order cache as rare, epic, and legendary drops. You need to click accessory tab to see it is all for the item by item breakdown %'s

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Kenpo is correct. I was digging the dungeon at X, and got one in a ruby chest. Month of digging as the spell pages cover some great spells.


Evalines lockett is no longer in the game to be found anywhere.

Was this removed intentionally @jeto?

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Such a joke! This is starting to get annoying. I don’t believe you fixed anything.

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Wrong topic, I think? I agree though, the aether offers, whether for gems or crowns really ruins bazaar.

Oh. That’s where i posted. I knew i did it. Thanks kenpo.

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Eveline’s Locket was a DLC-exclusive item for the Founders Pack we released before PQ3 transitioned from Early Access to full release on Steam.

At some point, this made it’s way into the drop pool for the 1.4 Dungeons - definitely not intended as this was a DLC-exclusive item.

This has been removed, as this was a paid item not intended to be a normal reward drop but also as it being in the drop pool meant the intended Seasonal items drop rate was affected but Eveline’s Locket taking a spot.

I’m sorry I missed reporting this as it was being removed, I was unfortunately caught up with work around the 3.0 update.