Why do battles have a timer?

Is there any reason that battles can time out?
Seems like an odd game design element

I really apricate the “you have 5 minutes left” popup warning - but I’m still not sure why the battle can’t be left and returned to later

That 29 minutes mark reminds of those plot devices they have in movies to make them work and without them the movies does. Like Tardis or a Sonic Screwdriver etc. etc. I know not an exact correlation but close enough. But a timer would be nice.

Because unlike GoW where the client tends to only talk to the server to report match results, PQ3 is likely keeping an active connection to the server during each match, similar to playing an dungeon instance in a MMO.

Why was PQ3 designed like that? Dunno. Anti-cheat? Servers handling single-player runs as if they were 1-player multiplayer runs? Something else? All of the above and more?

Whatever the reason(s), the timeout is definitely the instance created to host a given/match expiring to free up server resources that are locked in to create and maintain that instance.


Ah, OK
So perhaps whatever is needed for multiplayer dungeons?