Yet another pointless update

I wonder what are you guys actually doing at your end? why this pointless, ugly cluttered up mess of a ui? you seem to have plenty of time to waste to constantly and pointlessly swap things around, usually making it worse but when it comes to the CONSTANT crashes and bugs that all have been reported since forever you´re not doing anything? why is that?
coop battles have been practically impossible since i first started playing. why not adress this MAJOR bug first? it´s usually impossible to find anyone to do coop battles because everyone is fed up with the constant crashes. you can invite half of the whole user base and you get the same reply: why bother wasting your time if it crashes yet again and often on the final boss.
it even happens when sitting right next to each other connected to the very same network. it´s just rediculous. i´m running a kingdom and each update wipes another third of the players who quit and never come back and i have to find new members who aren´t fed up yet.

and for the latest update: why do you hide the tourney scores now? do you think it´s more convenient for people to scroll through the list of battles to find the most recent one rather than just showing it at the end as it was before? why do you bother to show the minions under the chests if they can´t be ordered. do you think it´s more convenient to scroll through 100 minions rather than just order them the way you wanted and quickly find the one youé looking for as it was before?

i just can´t understand why do you waste your time with this nonsense that nobody wants? why don´t you work on fixing the crashes first?

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