Your ticket support system is woeful

I’ve been waiting on a response to a ticket (106599) for a week now. Have I fallen through the cracks or is this to be expected behaviour going forward to launch and beyond?

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It took around 5-6 weeks the last time my guild sent one.

My current one is also close to 3 weeks, though luckily I have contact with the person who is doing it, so I know that it is being looked into, but the ticket on the actual support site hasn’t specifically been touched. Otherwise, I would have no way of knowing that any progress was being made on it based on just the ticket itself.

Wow. That is absolutely rubbish… the auto reply email says to expect a repsonse within 1 to 3 working days. Things like this give me the growing feeling that a lot of the competent people have been gutted from Infinity+2 since 505games/Digital Bros took over


I sent in my ticket [#104883] on July 22 and said it would be “escalated to the Support Manager” I did not ever hear back.

3 weeks and still no response. I managed to fix my issue but the fact that you have the gall to have a real money shop with your exorbitant prices and not provide any support is grotesque and contemptible