Allow Evelyn to craft seasonal relics

It’s odd that she can make normal relics from seasonal ones, but not the other way around.

I know seasonal content is meant to be bought, but I think that allowing her to craft them will encourage more people to buy/play the seasons. After all, why would anyone without seasonal content spend the resources crafting the corresponding relic?


Mentioned a fair amount around the forum so I’m not sure where I may have posted it, but it is something the team is already looking into.


Amazing. As I said, I reckon it will lead to an increase in people buying the seasons.

Also, have you considered having a follower “workshop” tab (story¦battles¦rewards¦workshop) within the seasons? That way Toragon and the others could craft seasonal content without people being able to skip paying for the seasons. There could even be a (much smaller) levelling up requirement, if you felt like being mean.

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