Bounties and Shop Refreshes now cost incrementally more

Bounties and Shop Refreshes previously costed 25 Gems. They now cost 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, etc., increasing each time you do it per day.

This is frustrating and doesn’t help anything. Players don’t get any absurd bonus from Shop Refreshes, and the Battle Pass is already impossible as it is.

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Shop refresh was 75 before for me but stayed there, bounty was 4 for free and then 50, no matter how many.

So if you stay with three refreshes a day this is actually cheaper.

Re bounties - will be hard for alliances to getuch beyond the 4 each player which get to somewhere around 10k for an active guild?

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Eric is correct, cost was 75 before, so I will be using the shop refresh more often with the update.

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It is no wonder that the price to refresh shop offers has been lowered, when they also lowered the offers bought with gold.

Today I had:
Gold offers - 2, (1 was the wooden key offer :roll_eyes:)
Gem offers - 1
Crown offers - 3

Yesterday there was 1 offer to be bought using gold. And 3 or 4 Crown offers/1 or 2 Gem offers. I didn’t take a screenshot.
So if this is the new “daily offers”, which means use real money, then we actually don’t save gems, because we have to refresh many times.
We are testing the game for them, and yet they expect us to also spend real money, while doing the testing. The prices are also very high.

I have seen a dramatic increase in Gem offers and offers which used to cost gold not are gems. With the removal of gems from the sidequests, after completing the story with all 5 characters there is no in game mechanism to earn gems.

This leaves us with a situation where money spent is the only way to play.

Long term for the health of the game, I am not sure how realistic that is as the existing pay elements are quite expensive for what you get for them.

I’m going to sit down this weekend and go through my one month of screen captures on shop offers to summarize prior prices and start a comparison vs current shop prices to see how things look. Clearly the are shifting more toward gem/crown offers over gold but I’m curious the degree of price inflation or even deflation.

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And sadly you think that is time better spent than playing the game. Sad state of affairs that.

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Well in fairness I would have spent the time anyways regardless because such things interest me. That’s why I’ve been tracking it! Economic systems are my jam. :grin:


It is time very well spent. Analysis done by a single person benefits the community as a whole.

Agreed I greatly appreciate you and tacet and everyone else who has put together analysis.

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Absolutely, I agree, it does benefit the community as a whole and I also enjoy stuff like this. I have logged tables of retreats and times it took to get a stun board or whatever.

My comment was misunderstood I fear - it is sad that we as a community think that what the devs have done requires this.

I would say I would have hoped for better communication and openness between community and game developer especially at this early stage. Transparancy.

Instead we are struggling to understand where this game is going and why we can’t really play it anymore and we interpret an allusion @Salty made endlessly because we just don’t get why the game was culled quite like this and we turn to analyze other parts of the game becuase a basic communities trust was undermined.

So, sad state of affairs.

I do not think it is a bad idea to check @Sibelios , just sad that we think it is time well spent or time well invested. Should have just been a patch note - we also adjusted the start board and the shop cause we think it was necessary. Whatever.


I agree If it was included in the patch notes, it would have been a non issue but now I am looking at other aspects like bounty drop rate for golds to see what has changed.

The patch notes were long and somewhat comprehensive but we are finding a lot of other things that were tweaked or completely changed with no heads up

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Once suspicion raises it’s head it is easy to go for a witch-hunt. Changes are understandeable, it is their game. But when they change the way the game is played of course the players worry about what they enjoy at the time.

So transparency goes a long way for players if they feel the game provider is open to listen (this forum) and transparent in the choices as far as changes to the game are concerned.

I didn’t believe my own feeling about the start board until I tracked it and I do not have neough data to be sure but it sure looks like a duck.


It’s quacking like a duck at the moment.

Also I just saw a tip that looks to be another unannounced change, heroic matches I believe moved from 7 matches to 8 now

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I apologise for the lack of transparency on this one. There are a lot of moving parts at the moment and this got missed.

I’m working with the team on ways to make sure all changes and fixes are documented more thoroughly so I can pass them on to you all. Please bare with me while we streamline our processes.


Thank you! I look forward to the next update and changes to be made.

Something I am sure you are aware of is it feels bad to get hit with something completely unexpected. I understand there have to be a million moving parts at this time and hope for incremental improvements in communication

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We need more gold based options in the store.