Changes to start board

I was hoping to see if anyone else has noticed the change(s) to the starting board that wasn’t mentioned in the notes (as far as I remember).

Previously it seemed that there was no cap on the number of each type of gem that could appear on the starting board. Now it seems that there is a cap on each color (7) and skulls (5). The board can spawn less of each, of course (although I’d assume there is a minimum as well although I haven’t noticed what this is).

This has caused the amount of retreats to go up significantly when trying harder content (where I can’t afford to take even 1 hit from enemy). Obviously this has been very frustrating.

Maybe I just haven’t played enough since the update, but I hoped others out there could confirm/deny.



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Hey Beni,

confirm. Also my suspicion.

My average number of start boards to hit a stun board went from 12.8 restreats (to 26 completed runs) to 68 retreats (3 completed runs).

Also, number of skulls on the start board is reduced. Before I had on average 1 in 2 start boards with >6 skulls. Now since I started counting 0 of 14.

In case the previous bone ring reduction was not solid enough. Went from 5 mana per skull which was overpowered to 2 per skull which is mostly useleless but can be helpful to also reducing the skulls in start boards.

In my opinion the devs should really reconsider the bone ring and just give the thing some other skill like they did with the longsword which now adds power.

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Yes, agree. Though I havn’t actually written attemps down, but I have stopped doing harder content for now.

I guess the devs doesn’t want us to be able to do harder content like Dungeon X yet. The enemies gear score 10000 kinda indicates how hard they hit and was down to luck at the starting board before update 0.35.
Now it is even harder, because of the spell change and as you say, there are color drop restrictions too.
Very very unbalanced