Do the Skull/Gem Crusher bounties have too many 0's?

300, 500, and 800 for those seems like someone has put in an extra 0 into those objectives. these seem way to grindy. excessively grindy for a bounty. a bronze bounty of 300 specific color gems would take someone a few days to chew through compared to some of the others.

Is the bounty objectives getting looked at all for balance? these kind of seem willy-nilly in terms of difficulty. Plenty of objectives to evolve items in a game where item evolution doesnt seem possible.

Hello Kings,

I must admit maybe I am a bit confused by your feedback. I can say that even the gold tier gem crusher objective takes me less than an hour of running dungeons when using the appropriate class & load out for the corresponding gem color.

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I have sort of an opposite experience where I think that the bounties are too easy to complete and take too short of time compared to how many you get per day. With only 4, I’m frequently sitting there for hours with no bounty tokens and empty bounty slots (unless I want to spend gems and sometimes I do.)

Remember that big gems count for multiple gems so if you’re like me and get obsessed with making the biggest gems that you can all the time, it really doesn’t take a long time to match 300+ of any color.

Many spells cost 100 to cast, so a 300 gem bounty wants you to cast one of them 3 times.

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I never take those types of bounties - I tend to only play around 45 minutes after the daily reset. The one time I took a 500 gem bounty I regretted it, and ended up cancelling the bounty. I always skip those types of bounties, along with the “evolve xxx” missions.

All you really need is a single color setup with two spells which generates gems. It can be done in 2 dungeons for most.

The only one which really takes time is the gold 1000 gem bounties

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