Evaluation of the 2.5 Spell Rework

@Mother_Morgz thanks for the update. :+1:t2: Cheers™

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I completely agree with that, we know you aren’t really ignoring us but waiting to have news to give. However, I believe the best balance is at least getting 1-2 “we are on it” reminders a week, enough for us to feel that something is being done without sounding too repetitive. Taking this issue as an example, we first got last week’s monday’s “we are getting into it”. Then, it would have been great to have a “we hear you and we’re working on it but we need more time” message on friday which would have help us reaching today’s announcement with less frustration.

I find this to be a great way of addressing the issue, with quick changes to improve our current lives and give time for a deeper and more solid solution to be worked on.

Please, try not to hold back too much on these changes. I know it is not easy to reach a balance between too difficult and too easy, but let me a bit shameless here and ask you to favor players in case of doubt. It can be seen as some kind of compensation for the frustration experienced and for the time we have invested here trying to help…

This may be a bit of a low blow, but I have lost the count of how many hours I have recently dedicated to this issue in the forums and as we say in spannish: el que no llora no mama (who doesn’t cry isn’t breastfed) :grin:

I really like how well this is recently working, the players giving feedback and the devs taking it in all in order to improve the game. However, I think it is important to be cautious and not to depend on this too much. It is great that if there is an issue we will be there to point it out, explain how it affects us and give ideas on how to fix it. However, if this happens to often there is a risk of growing fatigue on the community from having to spend our time detecting bugs and issues, reporting them, giving detailed feedback… Instead of playing and enjoying the game. I am more than happy to help as much as I can making this game better, but it isn’t my job so I would prefer to spend most of my time playing it. And after this I would love to enjoy a long rest from shaking the forums (which I am pretty sure it would also be a nice rest for you) :sweat_smile:

Thank you for hearing us out and making us feel being an important part of the game evolution and improvement. Looking forward to the changes and getting my motivation raised again for working on upgrading my spell collection. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the detailed response. I realize others have expressed appreciation but want to add my own as well.

I would like to second Higure on - well, all points made; it’s very gratifying to be heard, but I do want to emphasize the amount of work many of us put not only into the game for our own sakes, but also once we realized there were problems, for the sake of verifying and tabulating the problem to the best of our abilities. I did some. Others did some. Still others did much more than some. What has been said in the forums is probably the smallest part of the work done.

Thank you for hearing us out. That means a lot. Just don’t forget us when calculating that balance, please.


Will archive dungeon chests have all 4 spells in them now? I’m not pay’s 1,000’s of ancient coins to get an extra skull on Thaw the Dead.


They do now yeah, but wait for the patch to happen as they’ll have even more copies in the future. Mother Morgz did say compensation is planned which is great, but the safest course of action is to wait for the patch to buy any more caches.

*Edit - Sorry I misread, your question.

I hear ya. :wink:

(In all seriousness though, I hear you. Thank you.)


Just an update here, well an update about an update - we will have more information to share soon, but at this stage the changes are likely to be released by the end of next week. Hoping for earlier though.

The compensation Morgs mentioned us looking to would be after the changes are released.


Thanks for keeping us updated on the update of the update :grin:


I would only suggest that because we get so much salvage materials in this game, there would be some other compensation than shards. For instance, make salvages also provide spell dust for Xione to use on spell pages. Just my opinion.


Hi folks,

Just a quick update-

  • We’ve got some changes ready, but the devs are testing them before we push them out to make sure we haven’t got them tangled up with anything else we’ve working on currently
  • We’ve got a plan for comp
  • Hoping to have another update for y’all tomorrow! (With the changes to follow not long after :crossed_fingers:)

Thanks everyone!


Spell dust (as well as coinage) for salvaging chests would be most welcome, as would Spell Glyphs appearing as premium rewards in Quest Pass.


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it :grin:

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Hi folks!


  • Spell Page rate updates are going out today!
  • Mail and some Seasonal Spell magic to follow soon

The Long Version:
We took a look over the numbers and rates etc based on how you folks are playing and our best estimate is that it was going to take the most dedicated of you on average about 250 days of Dungeon farming to get a Spell from Common to Ancient Mythic (alongside a few extra Ancient Mythics you weren’t looking for). We don’t need to tell you that’s clearly far too long.

With this Dedicated-Dungeon-Crawler baseline in mind, we’ve pulled a few levers in the Chests to bring that number down from 250 days to a target closer to approximately 45 days or less.

Bearing in mind that this is just our baseline, newer players and players across the spectrum should see improvement in the number of Spell Pages generally.

What about Seasonal Spells?
They’re getting an update too. You should see (on average) about 8x the number of Spell Pages from Caches as you have before.

This is being pushed out today!

What next?
First we’ll be sending out mail soon with:

  • 200 Nemeon Coins
  • 8000 Spell Dust

For each of you, we will also be increasing the number of 2.5 Seasonal Spell Pages you have already found in the Eldritch Caches so far x8

  • e.g. If I had 5 Celestial Explosion Pages, and 24 Cleansing Doom Pages:

  • I would end up with 5x8 = 40 pages of Celestial Explosion

  • I would also end up with 24x8 = 192 pages of Cleansing Doom

Beyond this, we will be watching closely. Before we do too much else, we do want to see how these changes go in the wild. If simple changes like this can ease things off for you folks, then we won’t need to look too closely at things that would be more time consuming.

We’ll have a blog post much like we did for Spells, but ahead of that, I do just want to say that we have taken everything that’s happened here with Spells to heart and it has been at the forefront of our minds with how we approach this.
Our target for a full breakdown of the Gear System Rework is the beginning of March at this stage.

Thank you everyone!


Hi @Mother_Morgz,

Thanks for the update.

How will we know when this goes live? I know I am eager to test it out.

Are there still changes to Xione coming?
Changes to seasonal spells for 200 coins?

I can answer that - the changes are being pushed out right now!

These are the only current changes at this stage, but the Season Spells and Xione feedback etc have been passed on and the team is aware. These are just the initial changes :sparkles:


So if I wait to buy anymore caches is the x8 to spells default then or only now prior to the compensation being released? And by today, do you mean tonight or on the next reset?

As mentioned, spell changes are going out right now - data was pushed to live 20 minutes ago.


Am i the inly idiot here to spend 2800 ancient coins on 70 pages on day one of the release? I’d like to get this spell up but it just seems impossible with this system. Sure wish i would have waited before i realized this was pointless to do.


@Jeto or @Mother_Morgz am i just out of luck on this or will there be compensation for those pages we bought in these seasons or just the current one?


I can always ask if there is any plans in the future, but at the moment it is for the current season.

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Ok thanks for the quick reply and thanks for passing it on. Fingers crossed.
I’m pretty bummed out i made such a foolish mistake.
It’d be cool if they did.