[FIXED] Game freezes completely when attempting to play PvP Quick Battle - it causes server connection error?

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Realme 7, Android 10

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

When I try to play Quick Battle in PvP, I am matched against an opponent (NuuNie) who coincidentally does not have any pet equipped.
Every time, after I set up my first attack, when the opponent tried to attack me, the game freezes completely during the opponent’s attack animation.
No movement at all and the whole screen freezes.
So I cannot complete the battle and the only way to somewhat solve this issue is by force close the app.

BUT this is the strange part.
Every time after I force close the app and tried to open the app again, the sequence of events are always the same:
1. I can open the app, the checking updates, getting assets bar at the bottom are loading but then it will stuck at that screen while showing my game ID.
2. If I force close the app again and then open it again, the checking updates / getting assets bar are loading and then the app will stuck/freeze at that screen WITHOUT showing my game ID.
3. After that if I force close the app again and then open it again, the app will stuck at the black loading screen (with circle at the center) and a notification window informing NO CONNECTION - Failed to connect to servers. Please try again will appear. It is as if I could not connect to the servers.
4. Usually after this, I can only login into the game after 15-30 minutes later.
And if I tried to play a PvP Quick Battle again, since I haven’t beaten him, I will be matched up against the same opponent (NuuNie) and the whole sequence will repeat.

There were NO issues at all when I tried to open other tabs or played other modes like skirmish.

I have repeated this for 5 times and the results were the same EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It started to happen today. Everything was fine yesterday or before.

Important Note:
During this whole period, there was one time when I was able to login, I just collected resources from the followers then I quit the game (MEANING: I did NOT try to play PvP Quick Battle) but after several minutes, when I tried to login to the game again, the servers were already down (No Connection window was shown).

Somehow it makes me suspect whether there are other players who triggered/experienced the same thing?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time I tried to play a PvP Quick Battle. It began today (around 5-6 hours before I posted this bug report)

Steps to make it happen again
1. Open the app.
2. Play a PvP Quick Battle (and since I haven’t beaten my opponent (NuuNie), I will always be matched up against him).
3. Set up my first attack on the gem board.
4. My attack animation is completed then when the opponent attack animation began, the whole game will freeze.
5. I can only force close the app and the whole sequence explained above will happen.

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Today I took the chance to play Open Tourney PvP for my daily token.
I could play all 6 battles smoothly without any crashes/freezes.
Then I dare myself to do the Quick Battle again trying to beat the same opponent (NuuNie).
And this time since the opening board allowed me to stun him, I can defeat the opponent without him making any attack.
This time, the game did not crash/freeze. Thank goodness.

So in the end I don’t know whether the issue has been resolved or not since I did not dare to miss the opportunity to defeat the opponent after the stun.
I’ve tried to do some Quick Battles again afterward and the game did not crash/freeze.
(I did not meet NuuNie again though.)

So these are all the details I can provide related to this issue.
I do not know whether this bug has been resolved or not.
But I believe there is/was an issue/bug since the cause and the sequence of events happened afterward were very consistent.

In case I experienced the same bug again in the future, I will update the post.
For now I will leave it to the devs on how to response to this matter.

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Update 2:

I deleted my previous Update 2 because now I strongly believe that I know the exact cause of this bug.
(I will try to update this post with screenshot and video if possible)

The issue is caused by Warlord’s Mantle (Shoulder armor) with Rare rarity.
It has the Spiked Shoulders: Reflect back 10% melee damage ability.


When I equipped this armor, the game will always crash/freeze when I met NuuNie if I cannot stun him or OTK him.
When I replace it with other piece of shoulder armor which does not have the same ability, the game does not freeze/crash.

Maybe there is a bug in the coding for this piece of armor + certain interaction?
Because I still do not understand why the game only froze/crashed when I battled NuuNie, and not other IDs.

Hopefully the devs can resolve this issue soon.
Because just now I think the servers crash again.

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Thank you so much for this amazingly detailed bug report @Lelouch!

I’m here to confirm that some of your suspicions were correct, and this was contributing to the server issues. Thank you for taking the time to help us out, we are very grateful and have already pushed a fix for the crashing.

Thanks a lot for the reply, Salty. Really appreciate the devs’ response too. :slight_smile: