[Fixed in 3.1] Fae touched items when salvaging

I hope this makes sense to u jeto, il show pics too, so i select dreamhold filter and it shows my normal dremhold and fae touched, i wanted to keep my fae touched but salvage normal gear, however when i select salvage icon to bulk salvage it removes the fae touched background making it possible to salvage my fae touched, can this be looked at


Not the best of pics lol but hopefull u can see what i mean, fea touched backround stays on some but not all, if u need clearer pic let me know

As a temporary workaround until they fix this problem you can change the view of your gear so that it shows the names of the gear. The fade touched gear will have that as part of the name so that when you go to salvage you can still read that part of the name.

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Thanks, normally i favourite items but as thats just more clickicking i need to do, its not as fast as b4 so i tend to not favourite unless its a mythic i really need

I noticed the same thing yesterday when I was salvaging. The odd thing was the fae touched background stayed the third time I tried the salvage button.

I couldn’t replicate that today, but if I do a sort after pushing the salvage button, the fae touched background shows again.