Goals' percentages

Just started game and noticed that displayed goals’ percentage improvements seem quite small. Example: .4% gold.

So, if I earn 100 gold from an encounter then I would get an additional 0.4 gold. Seems inconsequential. Perhaps it’s 4% instead?

They are 0.1% increments, which means they have zero impact on what you earn for a big portion of the game, atleast individually.

But they do build up over time and are something that once earned gives a permanent boost. While beating all the goals will take a lot of time, there are also a lot of points that can be really quick to earn if you look through the requirements. Dungeons have a bunch of easy ones - complete X times, complete X times with a specific weapon, then once you can do Difficulty I dungeons that’s 15 more goals up for grabs.

They start to provide more benefit as you get stronger. Once your weapons hit in the thousands, once prize money for dungeons is in the thousands, but it’s still not huge boosts.