[Investigating] Daily seige hangs after first battle

Platform, device version and operating system
Xbox X

Screenshot or image
If you are on a console simply take a photo using another device. A video is preferred. Try uploading to YouTube Privately. will not let me attach pics

*What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened trying to complete daily siege battles. I expect to go through both bosses but hangs up after first one is defeated.

**How often does this happen? Every time I try to do it. Has happened repeatedly tonight.

When did it begin happening?** after update

Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode? This happens every time I restart game.

Steps to make it happen again
1.Log into game
2.Go to daily siege
3.defeat first boss
4.game does not progress to last boss
5.quit game completely no resume
6.load game goes to siege and repeats

Do you know how to make this happen? Sometimes there are certain steps that can lead to a problem that may not be obvious! the steps are above that continue to repeat.

Can not complete seige

Hey @LivinBlu

I have had this happen on my account before I even defeated the first enemy. Do you recall which enemy this occurred with?

Are you getting any error messages, so I can confirm if this is the same issue?

I have not been able to reproduce this on my account since it first happened though.

When I defeat the first boss this is when it hangs. It acts like a network connection but I confirmed my network is up and functioning. I defeated the first boss numerous times and that is the hang point.

Still can’t send screenshots in this forum.

Are you getting a connection error or a CE/RE error though?

If it is an RE error, can you write out the next one exactly as it appears in-game.

I have got zero error messages. The skull over the flashing gems indicating system is “thinking” is the only action on screen. Enemy is laying dead, I am waiting on final boss, but it just sits there. With the skull over the gems buffering maybe but again my network is good. It does show my next suggested move. But nothing is clickable on screen. You have to force close through Xbox menu options.

The first mini boss is Krystiel’s Tear, I defeat her. The final boss is Lady Krystiel.

Okay, totally different to the issue I had today!

Couple of quick ones as this does sound like a connection issue, which can still occur if you have good internet and we have no server issues - there can just be a disconnection somewhere between.

As a precaution, can you go through this article:

Also, who is your internet provider?

I am a local fiber provider. Everything is smooth except that one battle.

I am hard wired not wireless.
Download speed 195.76 Mbps
Upload speed 188.35 Mbps
Packet loss 0%
Latency 49ms
MTU 1480

I will do the tips you suggested. Thank you.

Playing on PC via Steam.

Similar problem here. Playing archive, Season 1.3 with autoplay.
4 times now when the game didn’t progress after a victory (against the unicorn, mostly, not sure if every time) in a single battle and continues only after a restart.
Looks like this:

One time it happened after the first battle in dungeon and i had to repeat the fight after the restart.

@Civeteran but the battle continues as normal when you restart the game? Or are you taken back out to the Season menu?

And was this issue consistent (back to back battles) or randomly throughout the course of your play session?

Here are the PC troubleshooting steps as a precaution

It happens always at the end of the battle and after the restart the Unicorn runs out of the screen and i get normal rewards.

It’s only the battle with the unicorn. i switched to other battles yesterday and had no problems.
Today i played the whole chapter 3 or 4 times and in most cases no problems with the unicorn-battle. But sometimes the screen freezes like this

Sry, no clue why. I autoplay the battles and don’t be aware which actions are done before the freeze.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this so far (unless this has already been resolved in 2.4).

@Civeteran When you are playing with autoplay, is PQ3 running in the background while you are using other programs & apps?

Yes, it runs in the background.

I try to play these battles manual from now on, perhaps i can get a clue under which circumstances the screen freezes.

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