[REPORTED] Game hangs after PVP match using new class

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Getting more instances of game hanging when selecting a new class for PvP tourney play after having completed previous matches in the same tourney with a different class. Although there has always been a lag (5-15 seconds) when switching classes or starting a new tourney that usually resolved itself, in this case the game doesn’t resolve and it remains in a hung state. This is happening repeatedly for me now.

Ultimately I have to restart the game resulting in no match rewards earned and the token spent as if the match is completed. After the restart, if I switch back to the class/loadout I had used previously, then it seems to work fine.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Repeatedly when taking the actions described above. Seemingly prevalent after 0.38 Update.

Same here. PvP first match with a new build takes forever to load or does not resolve at all (I usually give up after five minutes or so). A couple restarts and eventually it will resolve but it is annoying.

This goes together for me with load times that are generally longer than before. Switching to the social tab always took a while and now has timed out a couple times same as the tab with the chests .

Also, the game always had issues loading during reset but now starting the game often times out as well. In started clicking on the game and setting the phone aside and sometimes when I go back to the phone it started sometimes I need to force quit and start again. Sometimes it started and timed out again cause it took me too long to go back to it.

It really makes playing more and more difficult.

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Still happening, this image taken after leaving the game sitting for five minutes.

Hey all,

Just so I am accurately testing this, is it specifically being experienced in Open/Restricted/Elite Tourneys or across any of these?

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

In my experience, it is happening across any PvP format when switching classes from the one you previously used during the week. I also had the issue arise when I used the same class but used a different loadout.

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A new version of the same issue; game hangs up as before:

However, now I’m able to access the menu option to retreat:

Upon retreating though I end up on this screen, and then i must restart:

I’m getting no response from the game too after a PVP round after changing a loadout

I have this happen every time I change heroes for a tourney. Also the very first battle of a tourney. I’ve never had it happen at all in open pvp.

In my case it eventually resolves without restarting.

Edit: Just had it hang and never resolve. Had to restart.

Hey all,

Currently I have been unable to reproduce, but I still have shared all the examples you have experienced in my report!

If anyone happens to catch this occurring in a video, that would be super helpful in sharing this issue, just to see it in it’s entirety.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

There’s really nothing else to see in a video, other than a real time image of the victory scene stuck and not advancing to the rewards. All you would get to see is the braziers flickering in the background lol.

Was more the process leading up to it this occurring.

For example, going into a battle, then changing your loadout/hero and then into the battle where it hangs at the end.
In case there is something I have missed in my own steps that would be revealed in a video.

I’m familiar with the braziers lol

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I am having the same problem in the elite tourney (hang up in victory screen, can’t do anything, doesn’t resolve itself).

I started off as necromancer and wasn’t successful so I attempted to switch to paladin, after which the game hung up 3 times. All 3 times I lost a token.

The third time I even managed to come back into the game - my opponent was dead but I could still make a move. After I made a move I encountered an error and proceeded to restart - still losing a token (I forgot to screenshot the error…).

I then played one round on my original necromancer loadout without issue.

I then attempted to use another blue loadout and experienced the same hang up as with switching classes.

I then attempted to “resolve” the issue by suiciding with my new necromancer loadout and then continuing - no success.

I never “resolved” the issue to allow me to switch classes. I did finally “resolve” the issue of switching gear on the same class by maintaining the same loudout and just changing the most important equipment and spells. (Thus making loadouts useless)

The issue still persists and needs a solution. I used a whole day of PvP battles to figure out only a less-than-ideal temporary partial-workaround

Edit: BlackBerry Motion (android 8.1.0)

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I am also experiencing this issue - basically locked into my day 1 battle 1 choice
Playing on Android

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I wish I had read this BEFORE I did the same thing… waste a whole day of pvp figuring out a partial work around. :woman_facepalming: :rofl:

Zudaio on Discord made an interesting point: there’s always been a lag/delay when you switch classes/loadouts from one PvP match to the next but it usually “resolves”. The likely reason for the delay is that the game is updating your build to your character profile for gear score/defense purposes (not sure how this is coded or why it would take so long to update anyhow), but perhaps something has gone awry in this write process. It seems pretty logical. Since @Jeto is saying that she is unable to reproduce, perhaps it has to do with certain items or certain builds are not getting updated? Food for thought.


I was experiencing the same… the normal lag, before today. Today was a whole new thing. It’s been hours so I don’t know if I can remember every detail. But I do know that I was switching loadout but not hero. The hero happened to be shaman. The different load outs had different helms, weapons, necklace and vastly different spells.

Also I ended up going in with the original build and rebuilding it within the pvp area (which was about as fun as it sounds.) Doing it that way resulted in no lockup and not even the normal end lag.

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I find the 5-7 second server delay for writing a new entry on the pvp table every new week hilarious, personally