Marks - what are they good for?

I do not really see the use for low tier marks. So I wanted to ask others for opinion.

Wooden Marks:

  • you can buy Minor Shards… I am not even buying Minor Shards in Daily Shop. With salvaging I have quite a lot of those.
  • you can buy Common Equ/Spells/Minions - I am at the stage when I have 2x every minion at least rare, for spells I only keep one of each and most of them I already have rare or higher, Equ? really? when I need something I farm its dungeon, will get it quicker than randomly from very expensive deal - I would probably end salvaging anything I get anyway…
    Iron Marks:
  • you can buy Lesser Shards - quite similar as above - maybe Lesser shards you need much more so you will get full of them a bit later
  • you can buy Uncommon Equ/Spells/Minions - same as above
    Gold Marks:
  • you can buy Greater Shards - ok, this is quite usefull for me at least
  • you can buy Rare Equ/Spells/Minions - since this is random and very expensive I do not really take this deal into consideration
    Ruby Marks:
  • you can buy Major Shards - ok, this would be quite usefull if I could get more relics…
  • you can buy Epic Equ/Spells/Minions - same as above for me,
    Ruby Marks:
  • you can buy Superior Shards - I believe that there may be some players that need Superior Shards, but I won’t be one of them in the nearest future. I have more Superior Shards than Minor ones atm,
  • you can buy Glyph - that looks interesting. Probably would go for this one.
  • you can buy Legendary Equ/Spells/Minions - I have no clue if this is actually worth the effort, and the randomness here makes me think that it may be cheaper to buy glyphs and upgrade the gear I have than hope for RNGod to be kind to me…

But I am still quite new to the game (2,5 months of playing) so I wanted to hear your opinions.