Missing accounts & Game progress

Hi Adventurers,

We’re currently aware of an issue where game accounts will not load and game progress is missing.

The team is working on this right now as our top priority until it is fixed.

We will keep you updated here as well as on our Help Center here

Hi all,

The game is available again now!

Your accounts should load automatically from your cloud saves but if you have any issues please contact support here:

Here are the details of what happened:

  • There was a critical database error at roughly 11:50am AEDT which meant that players couldn’t log into their game accounts.

  • We had to load a database back up to solve this issue. The back up is from 11:30am AEDT.

  • This means there was a downtime of close to 2 hours and if you were actively playing the game between 11:30 - 11:50am AEDT, then you will be missing 20 minutes of game progress.

We will be organising global compensation for everyone tomorrow.

We will post an update tomorrow once we have more information about the compensation.

We are incredibly sorry this happened.


Thanks for the update and the fix

This is definitely a serious and troubling issue, but I’m please with the way you handled it. You let us know what was going on (and were specific about what exactly happened too) and the effects on players. And you’re giving us compensation. Thanks, and well done!

Bummer. Lost a bunch of diamond marks and the resulting weapon glyph on the rollback.

Not looking forward to the minion glyph I get when I repurchase lol

Any updates on the compensation for this problem?


We’ve just sent out the compensation mail.
You may need to change screen, play amatch or close and re-open the game to view it :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your patience.