Missing bundle?

So, when moving up my necromancer character up thru the ranks, i got the Grungli bundle offer, the Jocea offer, and the Darkhunter offer, but no Elyra bundle offer…and that’s the one i wanted to purchase. Anyone else have this problem?

@Pkrgrl72 these Chapter packs appear at the end of each chapter. So the Elyra pack would appear once you have completed Chapter 13 (if my memory serves me correctly!).

That is what i thought, but it didnt. As i mentioned, i got all after Northhelm except Elyria

A couple of things before I investigate this as a potential bug:

  • If you missed the offer when it appeared under the top within the Merchant offers, it will display in the shop while active, above the Daily deals.

But the offer is only available for a limited time (around 44 hours), so if you have missed it on the day it was active, it won’t appear again till you complete that chapter again with a different hero.

  • Have you purchased the Elyra bundle in another Story playthrough, with a different Hero?

Ibdid not miss it. I was anticipating it, checked when i passed the relevent level, passed through the darkhunter levels, and rechecked the shop, all within 24 hrs. No offer. I have purchased it before but i dont remember which vharacter it was. Had to jave been my assassin, shamen or paladin. Those were the last 3 i worked on levels with, all in the same time frame.

Coo! I followed this up with some devs who could look a bit further into your account purchasing data than I could, and answered a couple of questions for me!

We can see you purchased the Chapter 13 bundle on Feb 21st, and it is the only purchase of this offer on your account.
Confirmed with the team that these Chapter packs are only available to purchase once, they have a backend stock limit of one. Which is why it will not appear again in future, cos you have already purchased it.

It will only appear again through repeated playthroughs if you have not purchased it.

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