My three wishes

If you had a wish list of features you would like to see in the game, what would they be?
Mine would be:

  1. a shopping basket in the Kingdom bizarre. As each item available are quantity of 1 it’s a bit of a pain going into each one to buy them. If you have a check box and pay for all your selected items at once, that would be cool.
  2. in Vs it would be cool if you could fight against a chosen opponent rather than a random one. Then you could fight against your friends.
  3. the shield in the menu bar on the front page which indicates your skill level and citadel level, would be nice if this shield became a link to the citadel and opens the citadel display when you begin to upgrade it.
    And, an honourable mention, the inclusion of a hint button on the battle board. Yes, you can have the hints turned on, but, they can be distracting so most players turn that feature off. But, sometimes it can be hard to see a gem match, so, a hint button would be useful.
    That’s on my wish list.

My one wish would be the ability to enable the Autoplay/Autobattle by default. While running through the story with new characters, it’s a pain having to manually enable it for every battle.

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