New Player - What to upgrade and spend mats on first?

Just started playing two days ago, have a question as a noob. I’m currently thinking of having Paladin as main, but I do have 4 other classes as well at level 5. Paladin at level 10 currently.

Was wondering, what spells, minions and gear should a new player focus on first to be the most efficient for progression but also saving up bulk of the upgrade mats for later gears?

I’ve been upgrading the three Rare equipment I’ve found, because I read that we should first upgrade blue gear without care about their sets, and worry about fine tuning the gear sets later.

How about spells? Are there anywhere that shows what are the better spells for each class? Should we upgrade all spells starting with the starter class spells without discrimination?

And should we upgrade blue minions, or save the mats for later minions?

Really just in general a question about what mats to save, and what spells/gears/minion to go all out and upgrade with mats on.

Thanks all.

Credit to Mythos, as I completely misinterpreted the OP’s questions in my original response.

In the early game, raw stats on gear are the most important. Blue (Rare) gear represents gear that can be leveled up to level 25 before needing further ascensions. Although, all gear can be ascended to Blue (Rare), even from lowly Common rarity. Also, all gear has the same stats at the same rarity level, no matter what rarity that it dropped at. So, a common helm will eventually have a the same stats as a Blue (Rare) helm once it is ascended to that rarity.

Gear rarity tiers and colors (low to high) Same logic applies to minions.

Common (White) [max 5] → Uncommon (Green) [max 15] → Rare (Blue) [max 25]–> Epic (Purple) [max 35] → Legendary (Gold) [max 45]–> Mythic (Red) [max 50]

At the very early stages of the game, there are no upgrade mats that are considered to be too expensive or too irreplaceable as they will become easier to farm as you power up. On at Legendary and Mythic rarities do materials become expensive enough to save for specific or special gear. And by that time, you should be able to farm whatever gear you need with relative ease.

Blue Gear - Rare items - (Above Common, and Uncommon)
So hopefully you mean Rare (which the advice was targeted at), in which case you are on the right track

IF Blue Gear → Gear that has the Blue color (as opposed to say Red/Green/Yellow/Purple) - advice for that is Hero and item dependent

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Thanks for the pointing that out, @Mythos. That’s probably what the OP meant. Correcting my reply back to the OP.

Yes sorry for the confusion, I meant blue gear as in Rare. Also I edited my original post, but just FYI anyway. I’m thinking of having Paladin as main, currently at level 10, but have other 4 classes at level 5. Any suggestion would be appreciated, also if I should main some other class as the most beginner friendly one.

Minions - you really want the ones with most cunning (highest chance of bonus key) and speed (fastest to open chests)
Pussbag and Green Dragonette are a good starting point
Spells - For Pally, I’d suggest upgrading Smite and Channel Light
The thing about spells is that the level makes very little difference until you can evolve it to the next rarity - you get a very small bump to damage and a bonus to color, but it’s minimal compared to the benefits of upgrading Armor and Weapons
Gear - Things that contribute to Royal Set (Royal Longsword, Royal Armor to start) and Guard Set (Shield, Gloves, Shoulders)
Try working towards both sets at Bonus Level 2
Savior’s Helm and Dwarven Necklace used to be meta - not as good as they used to be, but it’s not clear yet if there is a “better” option

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