QoL request: remove the 800 gems cache from event dungeons

There’s currently someone buying all the caches (100/300/500/800 gems) on PlayStation.

This has ruined the scores of literally everyone else who only buys up to the 500 cache, as everyone knows it’s a waste of gems to spend 1,700 gems on caches, when you only get a max reward of 1,000. It’s such a bad move that nobody does it, except for the one person I mentioned.

I know they’re doing it for the marks, and not out of spite, but the 800 cache is so under-utilised that you may as well scrap it, which would also give the rest of us the piece of mind from knowing that we won’t lose our gems.

So you are asking the devs to remove something that benefits some players because it hurts others… That is a bold request.

Then why do I know of players that purchase it because they believe that offer is a good one due to all the marks they get back? In fact, in Odin’s community we did the math and considered the 800 gem cache to have a fair value for players with the time and ability to get max score (while the 100 gem cache or no cache being best for the rest, and the 300 and 500 gem cache being terrible).

Maybe your point is that the majority doesn’t purchase it and are then hurted by it. Ok, then I will go ahead and ask for caches to be completely removed. I am sure the vast majority of us don’t purchase any because we think they are not really worth it and then due to other players purchasing them we are losing the 1000 gem reward. Fair request, isn’t it? No it isn’t, so think about it.

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On PSN, only one person buys the 800 cache, and everyone complains about it.

Another option would be to up the rewards so that you make a slight profit from the 800 cache, as you do with the 500.

As someone who has been regularly buying cache 4 for a very long time now, (mobile and steam), I can definitely say Dungeon Events, especially the ‘burn’ ones, are one of the most competitive aspect of PQ3.

So someone buying cache 4 is definitely proper. Actually you may even buy cache 5.
Where else can you get marks ? A loss of 700 gems is not at all an actual loss, if you consider the various returns including marks as already noted.

Actually the game needs more such competitive events, especially for end game players.

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I’ve edited my post slightly.