QoL request: Separate events' scoreboards buy number of tokens

So, a number of us are losing gems each event because some people are buying up to the 500-gems tokens package, for 9 turns daily.

This means that those buying up to the 300 gems package can’t keep up with their score and actually lose gems, rather than making a slight profit.

If buying a certain package could migrate you, for example, from the “5-tokens scoreboard” to the “9-tokens scoreboard”, then everybody would get to play the way they like without making a loss.

Another option could be to transfer the events to the kingdom, allowing members to benefit from a team effort, and can easily customise their strategy in terms of gems vs marks.


I think you mean the 800 gem token package. If you buy 100, 300, and 500 you’re still turning a 100 gem profit. But if someone goes up to the 800 gems option, everyone winds up losing. Including the person who won.

The house allways wins as they say

That is why I highly doubt the above sugestion will be even considered. It would mean too many people getting too many gems too often.

That is from your point of view. But if someone is purchasing the 4th cache it means they have a reason to do so that makes them win something. For example, getting extra marks to spend on the shop.

In fact, if we are talking exclusively about gem profits as “winning”, then as long as there is someone purchasing the 4th cache the best option would be to purchase no caches. If players keep purchasing them, it means there is more to events than just winning gems, so be careful of evaluating events only in terms of winning or losing gems.

If no one bought caches then most of us could win 1000 gems every 3 days, which would be awesome. However, I understand that there are players that want to get extra marks and I believe that every player should have the right to decide how many caches they want to purchase without the rest of us complaining about how they are making us “lose” gems.


I’m not complaining, I really don’t care. I’m just trying to clarify his original point is all. I wouldn’t expect the devs to remove all risk from it.

That’s what we’re trying to achie0ve on PSN, but due to some language barriers, some people aren’t figuring that out.

This is precisely why the caches should be split into their own scoreboards: those who want gems will get gems, and those who want marks will get marks.