Why have gem costing leaderboards if a single disconnect costs 100s of gems?

So, once again, there was a disconnect in a energy related location that caused the battle to be completely consumed with no reward. Of course almost everyone has experienced this at least once. The problem with it is how it interreacts with the event leaderboards.

Since it is unlike PvP and doesn’t take the X highest scores, every single point matters. A single disconnect is the difference in 100s of gems while also costing an investment of gems. This can lead to situations where a single disconnect can cause the difference of earning or losing gems due to the instability of the game.

In the most recent tier X event, I had 100% flawless score, the only one on the leaderboard with it at the given gem tier within the tier, yet a single disconnect resulted in the lost of 500 gems, which apparently according to the game is worth $5 apparently. I would like my lunch back. XD

While I, and likely others, have lost 1,000s of gem value from disconnects, it is really starting to get annoying when game modes require spending this resource and then decides to disconnect to lose the resources invested. It is one thing to not get them in the first place, but disconnects in events actively reduce resources from the player.


I was actually going to complain about this same thing… have disconnected multiple times today, and lost out twice. Once was apparently from “inactivity”? Why does this exist? What is this nonsense? How long of idle is “inactive”??

This is supremely dumb, why is there no cloud restore from last state? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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This just happened to me, also. Makes me not want to bother spending any gems on the events going forward.

Adding my name to the pile. Very first token of the new event, to boot. Completely killed all enthusiasm for the event for the next several days.

It’s a carry-over from Gems of War. It’s to prevent players from seeing that they are going to lose a match and force quitting and restarting until they receive a favorable result. Problem is that the game treats a server disconnect the same as a player disconnect and punishes both equally.


In all my years in GoW I never realized there was a reason behind that. Now it makes sense!

In this game, though… In every other mode, when connection drops, I can generally get back in and it resumes the battle exactly where I was. Now this only seems to happen after defeating the enemy, so that could factor into the equation. But it seems to me, that putting you right where you were when you dropped connection would not give you any advantage.

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During the Event, so more annoying the when it’s occurring during a dungeon run (to be clear that’s annoying too!)

Any chance we can have some sort of update or overview of this inactivity error?
It’s annoying, frustrating and difficult to understand
Any additional information - like:

  1. Are the dev’s aware of the issues
  2. do the dev’s know what the actual issue is
  3. what is their view on it
  4. are the dev’s trying to fix it or is it on the roadmap to be fixed or is it a “feature, not a bug”?

Like the OP stated, the leaderboards should just take into account the top scores like in pvp rather than a cumulative score like it is now.


Correct, this is what I mean, just restore exactly whatever the last data stored was before disconnect. The game already knows whether the player wins or loses before they see any results, so just have it restore to after their attack and if they are meant to lose they still will.

Unless the concern is that they are trying to dodge a crit that will kill? Even then, who cares?

Surely there’s a better way to discourage such behavior other than “EVERYONE START OVER!”

Like, I don’t know, a timer/delay before they can run again? I would rather have to wait than have to start all over. :roll_eyes:

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Yay, I’m finally part of the club. Woot! :no_mouth:

Hey all,

We are currently investigating this pop up message. Please know that all the feedback/reports have been actively passed on to the team. Appears the is multiple factors at play with this Error message.

Once we (myself or @OminousGMan ) have any further information, we will share it!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks for the update
I guess it’s good to know its an issue not a “feature” and is being investigate

Do we need to keep reporting it?
Would more screenshots help?
Anything else players can do to assist?
Or just leave it with you?

Just had this happen to me last night.
Apparently doesn’t have anything to do with inactivity and is more of some arbitrary timer.
I was actively in an (Event, of course) Dungeon and then it cut me off on boss.

Apparently I was taking too long?
I don’t think I was in it for more than 10? 15? minutes.
Sure, slow, but not “inactive”.
If there’s a hard time limit to run a dungeon this should be made explicit.

I would also like to know this. It’s a mobile game. Sometimes you have to set the phone down to do something else. It would be nice to know if I’m going to get kicked after being in a battle for a certain amount of time. What is that amount of time?

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Got bitten by this today too. Goodbye, dungeon event token >:(

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