Relic Drop Locations?

But why introduce a new system for evolving gear and spells with a new currency and then not add the new currency into the chests that makes no sense as it’s in the salvage pool for 0.01% so everyone should just not have the ability to evolve until the devs flip a switch? Hell the shard cost is already staggering I think if the devs want players to still be here in a week or a month it’s time to start rewarding their hard work and not creating more barriers preventing people from enjoying the game and having fun. Starting to feel more like a chore than a puzzle RPG.



We could get 45, level them up till we can’t evolve them, then salvage all and get the other 45. Rinse repeat. I would love to see the player retention graph for that mechanic.


That’s the issue though; on certain bugs like the mana generation issue @Salty responded pretty promptly after the update because it seemed a concern. But with side quest changes and other items it’s been radio silence. That’s ominously indicative that it’s intended even if it’s clearly draconian and negatively effecting players.

P.S. still waiting!


Been running dungeons all day pretty sure this isn’t the intention…

P.P.S. Still waiting! :clown_face:

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I wouldn’t put it past them to release a patch with 80 new currencies, but then forget to put any of the 80 in the chest drop table despite all progression requiring it to progress.

Haven’t heard a single instance of a chest relic, glyph, nor a jewel via chests.

Their drop rate is either 1,000x rarer than they should be, or there are absolutely none at all.

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We know Melbourne is in lockdown again, but hopefully @Salty can find someone to fix these drops so we don’t have to spend the weekend playing arena :scream:

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Perhaps the devs are waiting for the 0.35 update to be forced before turning on the relic drops?

A weird thing to not communicate after making the communication of all the changes such a big deal :thinking:

That’s true.

My other half was still on 0.34 last night, while I am on 0.35.

As 0.34 would not be able to understand what relics are (because they don’t exist in 0.34), people still on that client version would crash if one appeared. So, perhaps the new drops are disabled until everyone is forced to be on 0.35.

A very reasonable explanation, one worthy of being delivered by let’s say a community manager or a game project lead. It’s the absence of communication that is always the issue in releases like this. You (the devs/CM) have completely reengineered the game experience for every current player that has updated, but you don’t provide any context to help the player process all the changes especially given the magnitude of the change. We all know the relics should be appearing but the lack of a communicated explanation is inexplicable.

On the other hand, if the drop rate really is this abysmal, then they need to rethink their careers as game designers. It takes absolutely no time whatsoever to do the math on their implementation to see it’s entirely unsustainable as a path to entice people to play. They make mention of some unnamed primary method of acquiring relics in the future but the poi t of early access is to interface with content and provide feedback. No one is going to be here in a month if the drop rate of relics is 1 every 48 hours for the entire playing community.


Agreed, this is just ridiculous who operates like this I’ve never played a RPG that didn’t want you to get stronger and yet boost the enemies difficulty an absurd amount to keep you dying and therefore reviving by spending 50 gems, in order to beat a instance and also removing a good portion of the free gems from the game(side quests)

Just a quick note on Relics, they are meant to be very rare.

They will be included in more Daily Deals, and in an upcoming Update there will be more ways to get them. (The main way introduced will be where they primarily drop.)

Very rare and near nonexistant are two completely different things.

I have max possible number of chests (9) and haven’t seen a single glyph nor relic since the patch, not even the very low rarity one needed to make uncommons reach rare.

Number of glyphs for a max anything was also increased from 4 to 14 to get a legend to max mythic, yet their price in shop is nearly the exact same and drop at a rate of 0.001% or something seemingly similar.


You realise the inability to acquire these has halted the game for a number of us due to having our gear up to level 25? There is no incentive to play at the moment until this is fixed. Why can’t you increase chest drop rates for these until the update comes out? I regret renewing my vip pass for the next month.


The issue with the current situation in the game is that now players cannot evolve any of their items.
They are stuck with what they have or hoping to get higher rarity items from the chests.
One path of progression in form of Evolving items is shut down/blocked at the moment due to no relics drop.

Players can only evolve their items after the next update is released (hopefully).
But it means that in the meantime (maybe what - weeks to 1 month or so), players cannot evolve their items.
I’m just worried with what will happen with current player base.
Hopefully the devs can reconsider this decision and maybe do some temporary fix for this issue.
Maybe altering the relics drop percentage temporarily while waiting for the next update.

Moreover is it possible to ask the devs to check the drop rate for glyphs and crystals as well?
Just in case the devs put wrong percentage or there is an error/bug related to this.
I believe in the patch notes, it’s mentioned that the glyphs should drop more often from chests.
But I don’t think that’s the case so far.


Very rare chance for something to be evolved from uncommon to rare?

If even the basic relics are very rare, this will completely halt progress in the game. Even before there was no real incentive to evolve from uncommon to rare and it was better to just wait for a rare drop.

Now, with very rare relics any evolving is nigh impossible. And it still is a task for a Bronze bounty to boot.

If this stays the player base will likely dwindle very fast.

PS: I would understand for the relics that are used to evolve epic to legendary to be rare and mythic to boot, but we have now heard of one player having obtained a single relic. At this pace, the first player to evolve uncommon to rare will be in a month or so.

PPS: Actually am just processing that there will be a new way to acquire them in a future update. Are you asking us to stop playing for now? Any idea of a when for the update which makes this game playable again?


I pretty much stoppedv playing already because of this. Tick…tock…tick…tock…

Waiting for another update.

And with regard to stopping playing, I thought I would just do a new hero and complete all the side quests but now that they dint drop blue gems I really have no mortuary to do so.


Excellent points made by everyone regarding relics would be waaaayyyy more fun to have the relics needed for uncommon to rare be plentiful that way players can actually focus on a build instead of slapping together whatever the ring gods give them.

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