[Reported] Adventurer scared by Minotaur's Death Stare

Small bug report on the new adventure, which did scare me for a second. I cannot reproduce it and once I start the adventure, I will most likely not encounter it again. Still, maybe the report can help you find the source of the “misstep”.

But what happened? Glad that you asked :slight_smile:

I set out to go on a new Adventure and was told that “The Heat is On”. So I checked the adventure screen and was staring into… Minotaur’s Death Stare (!)

When I finally recovered from the shock, I went ahead to conquer the Minotaur, but it seemed like The Heat is On was the way to go.

So I stepped back into the main menu and tried to access the Lair of the Minotaur once more, but this time, I just could not find the entrance anymore :frowning:

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Passed this on to the team with your name code to look into why this Minotaur’s Death Stare appeared for you!

Thanks for also grabbing screenshots :sparkles:

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I had this happen as well, and it also happened a few adventures ago when there was a break in the adventures if I recall correctly.

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I had this too, and mine also ended in 9h 23m
Ive got a screenshot but it’s the same as the one above