[REPORTED] Assassin - From the Shadows - Lacking Terror

Platform, device version and operating system
PC and Android, not platform specific bug
Game updated to v1.0.1.16924 (Steam)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Updated from Early Access 0.39 to v1.0 today

One of the undocumented changes not in the patch notes was turning the Assassin spell Nightmare Vision into From the Shadows as shown in the image above.

Nightmare Vision used to inflict Terror on an enemy, and so was particularly useful when combined with another Assassin spell Unnerving Strike which inflicts extra damage on an enemy with the Terror effect on them.

From the Shadows does not inflict Terror, yet mentions the effects of Terror. Tested in battle casting it does not inflict Terror, but hovering over it presents the tooltip at the top of the screen about Terror.

Depending what the intention was behind the change to this spell the bug is one of two things.

If From the Shadows is meant to work like Nightmare Vision did before, then the Terror effect is broken or missing. Please add it back.


If From the Shadows is not meant to inflict Terror any more, then both the spell and associated tooltips should not make reference to Terror.

If it is not intended to inflict Terror, then please think about how an Assassin is meant to inflict Terror to make use of the bonus in Unnerving Strike. As far as I can tell any other spell that could cause it is class locked so cannot be equipped by an Assassin.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Result of the v1.0 rebalance

Steps to make it happen again
Have an Assassin character equip From the Shadows spell.
Compare to Nightmare Vision in any pre 1.0 version of the game.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention, the Spell has now changed & renamed, as described to not inflict Terror but add an increase to Armor and Resistance.

I’ve passed it on to the team that the tooltip still mentions Terror, from when it was Nightmare Vision and they will be removing this description and replacing it with one relevant to the spells current traits.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Hi Jeto,
What is also now missing, is that the assassin has no other spells available that cause terror which has resulted in unnerving strike made almost useless.

Hey @Marin

I’ve also passed this on to the team, and is something they will be looking at again in the future. Still, plenty of opportunities for changes to come in future updates and hotfixes.

Currently, for the Assassin with this latest change, you can only gain Terror from gear loadouts as the other Terror spells are locked into the Necromancer and Berserker (I believe).

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Soooo… You made the game harder AND removed tools out of the Assassin’s ability to deal damage… Niceeee