[REPORTED] Confusion with the ranking of prizes

Because of the importance of the topic decided to relate it to the bugs although strictly speaking it is just a big flaw in the system of accrual and distribution of awards.
But I will focus only on one aspect of it - confusion arising in the ratings for equal number of points.

I still have some time left to play before all of my characters are through the campaign and the steady stream of gems is over. All that will be left is the competition rewards and the non-regular daily skirmishes. That’s why I’m already very careful with the gems right now.

Here is what happened: In the penultimate day of the event I noticed that I share with several people in the table rankings equal number of points, and decided on the last day of the event to pass it as early as possible to overtake the competition.
I am in second place in the rankings at that time and decided to look at the rating near the end of the event - to check where I stand.
And that’s what I saw:

My character’s name is Sandro.
Please explain me on what principle I, passing this event first, was among the people who collected with me the same number of points in the MIDDLE of them???
And I was rewarded with 300 gems, which is significantly less than the award for second place!
This chaos in the rankings need to somehow curb!

Or here is today, passed the event and looking at the ratings saw myself in first place:

I was ahead of two people with the same points as me but passed this event earlier. So it should not be and need to fix it, but here I at least did not put in the middle between them!)))

Known issue that comes down to poor display. All ties receive the topmost listed prize (if 5 people are tied for first, look at the person highest on the leaderboard for the prize to be awarded.

This definitely needs to be fixed but seeing as how they couldnt find their way to fix this in 7+ years of gems of war, instead we get to do this over and over and over and over …

The conspiracy theorist in me says that they like the situation as someone inevitably thinks they are getting the smaller reward, and then unnecessarily spends additional gems to jump ahead visually causing everyone to be worse off in terms of gem rewards.

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I agree, this should be fixed and can be fixed. I’ve seen other games that have accurately displayed the same leaderboard mechanics.

To expound on the scenario Sibelios mentioned, if the first 5 players all have the same score, they all share the first place prize, but if 6-10 also have the same score (which is lower than what 1-5 have), although it is the second highest score, they all share the 6th place prize.

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This may not actually be happening though. I’m currently attempting to test this by getting feedback from participants on this current 3 day cycle in Tier X

I do think more testing is needed here. I could have swore I was supposed to get 100 more gems this last round than I did, but I didn’t take any screenshots to prove it. There have been other times I thought the payout was wrong too.

I also was expecting a prize based on a tie the past couple of events and received less than expected.

Hey all,

This is one I have brought up with the team recently.

There is a couple of things happening here.

Firstly, when there is a tie on the leaderboard or multiple ties, those who have the same score, should be receiving the same reward.
Which is currently not being displayed on the leaderboard, but the reward in your in game mail should be the same as those who had the same score as you.
But the example I was looking into is when the player has tied for first… so I will follow up with if this is the case for ties occurring at a lower score.

But this has been shared with the team and is being investigated.

Secondly is when there is a tie, while your score may be the 3rd highest, being Belle -19,272 (using @Kangaxx screenshot as an example), as there is 5 players with a score higher than them, they placed 6th on the leaderboard.

This currently this is intended, to prevent a leaderboard with a potentially infinite number of players being in the ‘Top 100’ if numerous ties occur.
Feedback for this has also been passed on with the team.

Also we are working on getting a Help Centre article released for this as well, to explain Leaderboards in more detail, as I completely understand the confusion on what happening here and what is intended.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


At least based on my own observation, ties in the Dungeon event format do appear to be working properly in terms of awards even for non 1st place finishes.

This is the leaderboard for the just completed Tier X Dungeon Event:

Even though my gem award says 400 based on the visual leaderboard, I did receive the correct reward based on tying for second place:

I also have confirmation from one other person on the same leaderboard not in the 750 gem slot but tied for second and they also received the 750 gem reward.

I still think players should be paying careful attention to continue to confirm that the rewards board is functioning as described by @Jeto for all ties but the developer obviously needs to remedy this by putting in the correct display. As others have said, this scoring system is used in numerous games, all of which to my knowledge actually get the scoring display of rewards right.