[REPORTED] Event Mode Freeze Loop

Platform, device and operation system
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Android 11

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Expected: Collect loot at the end of an Event battle.

Actual: Game froze upon tapping the Collect button at the end of the loot distribution screen.

Force quitting the game and restarting results in a loop where I am taken back to defeating the dungeon boss and then the game freezes again with a white screen. Rinse, lather, repeat, with additional attempts to restart the game client.

Waiting on the battle timeout period to run its course to see if the game releases my account at that point.

EDIT: Waiting for timeout period cleared the battle and allowed normal play to resume.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Infrequent. Suspicious that the issue occurs when the client is communicating with the game server while an external push notification comes in to the player’s device.

Steps to make it happen again

Unknown. See suspicions in the previous paragraph.

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Same 1st time today had it happening and still waiting to get back in game.

Yep, I’ve experienced the same thing twice today. Once earlier, where the game kept freezing as described for about 30 minutes of me trying different things to break it out of the loop. Eventually worked after a full power down and restart, but didn’t work this time, when I just tried it sooner. So, probably had more to do with timeout period. Waiting now for the timeout period. How long is that anyways?

In regards to suspicion, I didn’t notice any push messages coming through either time.

Hey, what’s going on with this Bug? This happened to me again today. This has happened other times since my previous post 19 days ago as well and this Bug isn’t even listed as “Reported”.

Please, please, please fix this issue. Today it happened at the absolute worst of times. I had just spent 300 Gems to get 3 more dungeon event battles about 30 minutes before refresh. Plenty of time… I thought. Beat the first 1 no problem. Upon completing the 2nd dungeon event, the game locked after showing my drops. When I say locked, I’m sitting at the listed loot screen, but I can no longer move forward or backwards through the list or salvage anything or move beyond that screen. It’s just unresponsive. If I attempt to shut it down, I’m met with the exact same interaction described by Lyrian above.

I’ve noticed that if I just let the game load without tapping on the screen, it takes me to the blank white screen by default after going through the animation of defeating the boss and completing the dungeon. However, if I tap the screen (usually in some desperate manner to change the seemingly inescapable reset loop as I think "please God, don’t go into that stupid white screen again), then it doesn’t go into the white screen, but instead locks up with the image of me and the defeated boss. Pics below.

Since there is no way out of this rinse and repeat lock loop, I have to just sit and wait for the game to timeout. I wasn’t able to complete the 3rd battle before reset… essentially wasting my 300 gems since the goal was to compete on the leaderboard. Also missed daily reset… which in my Kingdom really matters because I only have about 25 seconds after reset to get a Food Deal.

Super frustrating!!! Let’s just say it was probably good that I decided to begin my long commute home from work while the game was locked up and didn’t have access to the forum at that time (driving).

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Hey all,

Apologies, this appears to have been reported previously but the status of this thread wasn’t changed.

Just some follow up questions to update the report, has any one had any general graphical issues? Such as white or pink pixels, squished graphics, etc.

Also @Lyrian in your example you mention potentially external notifications may have been at play… Do you remember if you interacted with this notification? Have you had any other previous notifications affect other aspects of the game?

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

No significant issues in awhile, at least for a week or two. Though, I believe I could still still get white pixels to appear for the player guild crest symbol count in the guild roster screen from time to time at the end of 0.36. Will keep an eye out to see if I can still trigger that in 0.37.

Eek, it’s been a month since that report. I don’t believe I did, just received the push notification from the external source while the game was transmitting PvP results to the server.

Strangely, I had the defeated player soft-lock in PvP issue come up again today while on 0.37. However, after a ~15 second soft-lock, the game processed the win and broke the soft-lock. Unsure if 0.37 has a check in it for this issue and resends the data to the server if the client doesn’t receive a response from the server, or if the data connection was poor and reestablished itself. Of course, I took the screenshot a split second after the game broke the soft-lock and recognized the win.

Will keep an eye out to see if this happens again.

Thank you for that information.

Do apologise again for this not being updated earlier, and appreciate your patience. And memory!

As always, keep us posted if this continues again since .37 and you are unable to get out of the frozen cycle.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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