[Resolved] Coin collector not restarting

Ive just completed the adventure and then msg came up saying out of sync. Now i can not restart the adventure

What console are you playing on? Also, have you closed and relaunched PQ3 and are still unable to replay this Adventure @Taf420 ?

Just tested on my account and I’m able to replay through this Adventure.

Im on ps5. It was workink fine 1st day i was replaying. Last night when i finished an error came up saying sync error. Iv restarted console, switched heros, still can not replay. I really needed these exrta coins. I even logged in on my ps4 and still can not replay

What can be done. I should be getting 3000 anciant coins a day and tomorrow is my holiday so could of got another 6000 tomorrow easy. Now im gettting nothing. I thought after reset it may be ok but it was not

@Jeto ive even creared new hero. Got to Level 10 and still can no replay. I unlocked 2 mythic relics last night so my aim was to grind atleast 15000 coin to get the ledgendary helm and 4 relics to get it mythic. Will i be compensated as spent alot of money on this game and now loosing out from getting what i want. Thanks

Il be looking for the fallen star helm (GREEN if possible) 2 corrupted relics and 2 trarg relics. Thats what iplanned on farming. As u may notice im not happy and thats why i msg so much. If the dev team are able to send this to me il be happy. Thankyou. Wait for your reply

@Taf420 Try restarting your router (unplugging it for a few minutes and also turning off/unplugging the ps4/ps5 at the same time. I find this seems to fix things if you’re having issues with the game. Rebuild Database is also something you could try.

None of that stuff will hurt your router ps4/ps5 by the way. Its actually good for them to do it once every so often.

@KenpoKid69 will try that now. I have no faith it will work but worth a try.

Just as i thought it did not work. Hopefully devs can fix it so i can play tomorrow on my day off or gift me the stuff i was after. Will see how much they care about us now or no more passes will be purchased again on this game

This has been raised with the development team, as soon as I get any more information I will post in
here again.
In the meantime, what is your name code (in the PQ3 settings menu) so I can pass on your account data.

Thanks jeto. Name code is

Update: we have been able to reproduce this, this is caused by your Adventure nodes being complete but the Adventure is not recognizing that- so it’s in a weird trapped limbo. This is caused by potentially exiting or getting an error and closing the game when on the reward screen of the last node.

(So for everyone else, recommend collecting all rewards from battles before closing PQ3)

The team is looking at just reverting the progress on the last node, so you’ll just need to claim the rewards again.
If that cannot be done they will need to revert the entire Adventure progress.
But then you’ll be able to play through and collect the rewards again (not too dissimilar to just replaying the Adventure).

The devs will be reverting this Adventure, so you’ll be able to play through it again and collect your rewards. In the meantime I have sent through the final reward to your inbox from your original playthrough as they were likely not collected.