[RESOLVED] Server is broken?

Pixel 4a, Android 12, build S2B1.211112.006, security update December 5, region Euro.

I’ve also tried the, flush google play cache, reinstall updates, clear phone cache etc, as some solutions to the problem sadly to no avail.

Thanks for sharing this info everyone, I also have this issue now too on my Pixel 4 after uninstalling to test.

Edited this post to add, I have created a separate thread in regards to this installation/reinstalling issue here!

So any further updates can be shared in one place.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Till a fix is made. Anyone on android 12 that uninstalled and can’t reinstalled download this apk from here. Choose play now and not downlead all assets and turn auto update off in the play store for that app.

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